Simplify Meal Preparation With Cooking Kits From Revolution Foods

Thanks to Revolution Foods for sponsoring this post.

When it comes to simplifying life, one of the biggest areas I try to simplify is meal time. I look for recipes that don’t need a lot of ingredients and things that are easy and quick to make. I’ve discovered that if I try to get fancy with mealtime I typically end up running out of time to make the meal and then claiming it’s “breakfast for dinner night” or going through the drive-thru because that’s all we have time for.

A lot of time, simple and easy to prepare also means “not the healthiest” but Revolution Foods challenges that with their line of convenient, healthy solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dinner meals contain over 40g of whole grains and have no artificial colors or flavors. The culinary flavors help expand kid’s palates and the flavors are a hit among parents and kids alike.

Best of all, these meals are a great solution for busy families because they’ll help you serve a hot, healthy meal in 30 minutes. The speed-scratch cooking kits come in four flavors (Sesame Garlic, Coconut Curry, Smoky Tomato and Fiesta Taco) and contain everything you’ll need to make the meal- just add a protein! The cookbook style cooking instructions are inside the box flap and are easy to follow. Three steps and you’re a dinner hero. First, cook the grain blend. Second, sauté your protein. Once thoroughly cooked, add a punch of flavor with the Hero sauce packet and chef crafted spice blend, Third, spoon into four bowls and serve with a side of your favorite veggies.

The first kit we tried was the Smoky Tomato flavor that we added sausage to. I’m going to be honest- my boys aren’t huge fans of quinoa so I wasn’t sure what they would think of the brown rice and red quinoa blend that was a big part of this meal. Surprisingly though, they liked it. (At one point Lucas was even scooping it into his mouth!) The flavor was great as well. It wasn’t too spicy for the kids but it was flavorful enough that the adults didn’t have to add any seasonings to it. These meals are definitely a hit and something I’m going to keep in my pantry for busy days.

Find Revolution Foods’ Dinner Hero speed-scratch cooking kits near the boxed mac and cheese at your local Jewel-Osco store. Which flavor would you try first?



  1. This is really neat. I will have to give it a try because honestly? Who doesn’t want to save some time and simplify meal prep? I know I am game. Anything that saves time is great to me :)

  2. I’d like to try the Sesame Garlic flavor first. I think my family would also like the Fiesta Taco. Thank you for the review.

  3. These look interesting. I love simple ways to get dinner on the table for my busy family. Might need to give these a try.

  4. I’m all about simplifying things when I can. Especially mean times. I’m totally going to have to try these!

  5. That is all kinds of cool. My wife and I are both full time bloggers, have three kids, and she has become quite the eBay seller. So we are SHORT on time.

  6. The Sesame Garlic flavor sounds really good to me. I love garlicky flavored meals. I think just about anyone can appreciate an easy to make dinner that is also healthy too.

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