Protect Your Memories With Picture Keeper {And A $300 BTS Shopping Spree Giveaway}

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I know it’s only July but my mind is starting to think back-to-school already! It might be the school supplies in stores or it could be the realization, after looking at my calendar, that the first day of school is only about a month away. (Which means I better get busy preparing for the school year…)

One of my favorite things to do on the first day of school is to take a picture of my boys so I can compare it to the previous year (and share it with friends and family obviously lol). The school year brings tons of other photo opps as well, like holiday concerts and PTA events, so if you like taking pictures of your loved ones like I do, give yourself peace-of-mind with backup security from Picture Keeper. With so many memories stored on computers, don’t risk photos of your children getting lost or deleted without a backup plan.

Picture Keeper Connect is a simple all-in-one USB device with embedded software that makes it easy to transfer photos, contacts, and videos directly from your Phone or Tablet (iOS and Android) to your Mac or PC with the simple click of a button, freeing up space on your device and securing your memories. This device is simple and convenient to use with no software to install, no wires to connect, no complicated setup, and no passwords to remember. The files can be accessed and backed up without WiFi or data connection and are always within reach. Best of all, there are no monthly fees associated with using Picture Keeper.

Protecting your memories shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you’re switching to a new phone, running out of storage on your smartphone, or wanting to safeguard those important first day of school photos, Picture Keeper Connect offers simple photo backup solutions for all devices – smartphones, tablets, and computers.

To celebrate the back-to-school season, Picture Keeper is hosting a great giveaway for a $300 shopping spree and a Picture Keeper Connect. Enter below for a chance to win!

Back to School Giveaway!

12 thoughts on “Protect Your Memories With Picture Keeper {And A $300 BTS Shopping Spree Giveaway}”

  1. This is a brilliant device! It amazes me how many pictures people keep on their cell phone. I’ve never owned a smartphone, and while my phone takes pictures, I rarely use it for that. My boyfriend on the other hand, takes pictures of everything, and I spend hours a month transferring them the old fashioned way. I will definitely have to check this out!

  2. I have so many pictures of my kids and could really use this item. Sounds awesome to have all my memories in one place.

  3. With so many pre-installed apps I’m still debating on adding Picture Keeper. I can see the benefits of having it.

  4. I haven’t heard of picture keeper yet! I will have to look into this, I have so many photos I don’t know what to do with!

  5. How awesome this gadget is! I am always afraid that something happens to the phone and all my pictures are gone. Plus I do lots of blog photos on it, so you know better be safe, right?


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