Parents, Now You Can Say Yes To The Drums

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Last year we were looking into starting music lessons when Jacob announced that he wanted to learn to play the drums. The idea of drums sounded fun but when I thought about all of the loud practice time I’d have to endure I quickly steered him to a less headache-inducing instrument, and he settled on the acoustic guitar. Though he loves the guitar, when Yamaha Drums contacted me recently about a drum set that he could practice on without disrupting the whole neighborhood while using, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to review it.

The video below gives a great overview of all the wonderful features that the Yamaha DTX400K drum kit offers.

The Yamaha DTX400K electronic drum kit is a quieter and more versatile option than traditional drum sets so it’s the perfect choice for parents who may otherwise resist exploring drums for their music-enthusiast children. This kit comes with a set of headphones that can be plugged in to keep the noise down so the family will be undisturbed while the drum set is being played. This is by far my favorite feature because our home is already loud enough with two young boys and all of their toys and electronics that make noise. Playing these drums is one of the few things they do that’s actually quiet- all I hear is a subdued tapping sound when they play!

This electronic drum kit has other great features. For one, it’s a great set for small spaces. We live in a condo and wouldn’t have room for a larger drum set but this one fits perfectly in the corner of our living room.

Another feature that parents will love is that this drum kit is built to last. The Yamaha DTX400K offers quality and durability which means that this kit can take a lot of punishment and still maintain a solid performance level for years.

This drum kit has a number of great apps as well that make it an even better value. The kit can be expanded with the DTX400 Touch app (free in the App Stores) to create new kit configurations, select preset kits, access tempo and metronome settings, and much more. Parents will also love being able to save money on beginner drum lessons with the DTX400 Drum Lessons app (available for iPad/iPhone). Your child can use this app to learn the basics before they start lessons with an instructor.

Listen below to all the sounds the DTX400K can create- with just one drum kit!

I’d love to hear about your favorite features in the comments below. Aren’t you just loving the fact that this drum kit comes with headphones? Now you can say yes when your child begs to play the drums!


  1. That is so great! Now parents can foster their little drummer without having to leave the block whenever they practice. I love it!

  2. Funny part about this is that my husband is the the one begging for them, not my child. I might have to get them for him now that it’s got ear phones phones.

  3. Amy Desrosiers says

    My kids once got a play drum set that I donated because it was so annoying! I guess this set is the answer to most parent’s issues!

  4. I love the drums! I know a few guys who play them. The Yamaha DTX400 sounds like a cool tool to encourage kids to pick up drumming, because we all know it can be a real buzz-kill if mom and/or dad complain about the loud racket!

  5. This is sweet! I definitely liked letting my kids be creative musically. Having the ability to plug in headphones for quieter practice would be great.

  6. I am loving that these drums come with headphones. Technology sure had come a long way.

  7. This is an awesome drum machine. We have a cocktail kit in the basement- we need to get the girls something the won’t need to take up the whole living room with!

  8. Can we say Christmas present? I love the idea of this – and so glad that it doesn’t take up so much room!

  9. I wish these were around when I was a kid. My mom would never let me have drums!

  10. What an awesome idea! I bet families who live in an apartment would really benefit from the headphone feature.

  11. This is awesome! My husband would love this! He has been asking for a drum set forever!

  12. This is awesome. My son is would love something like this!

  13. Wow. It looks nice and the best part is it can fit in my small place as well. Cool

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