Sick Day Basket For Kids

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Getting sick during the winter months is pretty inevitable. Our children especially, stuck in crowded schools with lots of germs, are more likely to get sick during these months than during other months when they spend more time outside. I’ve come to recognize the signs of sickness in my kids and can tell a sick call of “moooommmmmy” from an ordinary request for my presence.

Working from home, I am blessed to not have to make other arrangements on sick days however that also means that my kid’s sick days are pretty ordinary work days for me (with the added responsibilities of taking care of a sick child of course). This year I’ve created a “sick day basket” so I’m ready for any sicknesses that the season brings! I included some essentials along with fun activities to keep my kids busy while I try to get my work done.

Here are the things that are in my sick day basket:

BeKOOOL fever reducing pads- These are amazing! If you are sick of using ice packs that drip or are uncomfortably cold to the touch you need these. BeKOOOL soft gel sheets (featuring your child’s favorite Disney characters) provide immediate cooling relief from fever discomfort. Not only that, but they stick to your child’s forehead so they can get up and move around while the BeKOOOL sheet works for up to 8 hours! The sheets aren’t medicated so they are safe to use with over the counter meds or medication your child’s doctor may have prescribed.

Tissues or Boogie Wipes- If your child has a runny nose you are going to want to make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand. We like to use Boogie Wipes, which are saline wipes made especially for kid’s sensitive noses.

Medicine- Make sure to ask your child’s doctor what type of medicine your child should take and what dosage is right for their age and size. We’ve also found lollipops that soothe the throat which the boys prefer over the taste of cough syrup.

Snacks- The type of snacks you feed your child depends on what they are sick with. If our kids have an upset stomach we stick to light foods like applesauce and crackers. If they are sick with a cold we will often buy a special treat snack to make them feel better.

Thermometer- I just recently got the Kinsa smart thermometer and I’m loving it. Gone are the days where I struggle to hold my kids down to take an accurate temperature because the Kinsa thermometer gets an accurate reading in just one second! This thermometer is great because it has a free smartphone app that not only tracks temperatures taken, but when medications are given and symptoms my kids have. Now when I take my sick kid to the doctor I don’t have to remember every little thing because I have an app to refer to and can answer their questions easily!

Crayons and a coloring book- These two things can keep kids busy for long periods of time. I have a special large pack of crayons in our sick day basket. There’s nothing like a brand new box of crayons :)

Small building set- As kids get older they need more detailed projects to keep their attention. My boys enjoy building LEGO sets so I make sure to keep a small one in the basket. I also like to add other small sets that they usually don’t get to do, like this 3D motokit that is easy to assemble and turns into a toy they can then play with.

Books- Though we have bookshelves full of books, I always like to add a couple new books into the basket. Books on CD are also great because if kids aren’t feeling up to reading they can still enjoy listening to the book.

Bubble bath- As the boys get older they take more showers than baths but, since I know they enjoy baths more, I include bubble bath so they can take a relaxing bath instead of a shower on days they aren’t feeling well.

Game- A card game or board game is a nice way to connect during the day. We have family game night weekly but sick day games mean one on one time with mommy. Here’s a list of some of our favorite games.

Other ideas include mini puzzles, fuzzy socks, stuffed animals, play dough, small craft kits, and a blanket. What would you add to your child’s “sick day” basket?

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  1. This is such a cute idea! My daughter would love this when she is sick she loves to be pampered and taken care of when she is sick.


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