The Gift Of Writing

Thanks to CROSS pens for sponsoring this #LongStoryShort post.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to write and it’s something that’s come out in various ways as I have grown. In grade school one of my favorite assignments was to create a homemade book, and I spent hours perfecting my story line and illustrations. When I was in Junior High I wrote the story of my sister’s preemie birth to document that day and share about my experience during her NICU stay and beyond. Throughout the years I have had dozens of book ideas in my head and have half written manuscripts tucked away in my home. As an adult I started a blog to express myself after giving birth to my first born child.

This blog, Making Time For Mommy, started as a hobby for me. I wanted to write about my dreams and goals and how I made time for myself, even if nobody ever read it. I realized that I could connect with other moms through it and started writing to them and sharing my posts on social media.

Eventually I discovered that this hobby of mine was turning into a business. Though I still wrote for myself and for my readers, I was able to start making a bit of money to help contribute to our family (which, with the addition of my youngest, had become a family of four). At that time, even a tiny bit of income helped greatly and brought us from poverty level into what is considered the lower middle class. It also allowed Sinisa to cut down his work hours by only having to work one job instead of two.

When my blog led to a full-time job online we became a two-earner family and I quickly became the breadwinner in our home. Me. This mom, who had never finished college, was able to make an income from home while raising two children and it was all because of my writing “hobby”.  I now blog full-time and feel so blessed to be able to do something I absolutely love every day.

Do you know a budding writer? Give them the gift of writing and encourage them to follow their dreams- whether it’s writing the novel that’s in their head or turning writing into a career like I did. A fabulous gift for them this holiday season (or really any time) would be a beautiful pen by CROSS. CROSS pens are luxury fine writing instruments that symbolize achievement, accomplishments, and human potential. The pens can be engraved with the word or saying of your choice. I chose to get mine engraved with “MOM BOSS” to celebrate my blogging business but the options are endless!

What writer in your life would love the chance to express their dreams with one of these amazing pens?

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  1. I’d actually love to have a gift like this. Although I don’t hand write long stories or anything along those lines, I do take TONS of notes to remind myself of things. I’m a total mom boss, too!


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