Essentials For Swim Lessons In The Fall And Winter

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My boys take swim lessons pretty much year round. In the summer they enjoy the lessons outdoors but during the colder months all of the lessons are moved indoors. I’ve discovered that we need to pack a lot more items during the colder months than we do for summer lessons so I wanted to share them with those of you who may be considering fall or winter swim lessons.

Here are things I consider essentials for indoor swim lessons:


My boys always bring two towels each for lessons. One towel they use to wrap around themselves when they are sitting on deck waiting for their turns in the water. Though the pool area is warmer than the temperature outside, remember that the hot sun won’t be beating down on them like it does at outdoor lessons. Since this towel will be soaking wet after lessons, the second towel is used to dry themselves before they get changed back into their clothes.


In the summer months the boys spend so much time at the pool that their eyes tend to adapt to the chlorine water but in the winter my boy’s eyes seem to be more sensitive. I’d suggest getting a good pair of goggles they can wear in the pool. Make sure to label them with your child’s name so if your child takes them off and sets them down they won’t get lost.


You will want shoes or boots that your child can easily put on after lessons. Avoid shoes that need to be tied or are difficult to get on because there is usually not a dry place to sit in the locker room to tie them. (Trust me- we learned this one the hard way after a couple wet butts from sitting on the floor after lessons!)


Children will have wet hair after they get out of the pool and you can dry it off as best you can but most likely it will still be damp. Keeping a hat on their head will keep them from catching a cold as they head out into the cold weather.


I know as a parent I tend to not worry about hydration in the winter as much as I do in the summer but it’s so important to make sure we keep our kids drinking water or sports drinks while they are exercising, regardless of what season it is.


The very best clothes to wear to lessons during the colder months are easy, comfortable clothes. After children get out of the pool they just want to get dressed as quick as possible so pants that they can slip on are great. We love Speedo brand because not only do they make great swimwear but they have a variety of athletic apparel as well.

While perusing the Speedo website a couple months ago I picked out a pair of pants and matching jacket for Jacob to wear to swim lessons. I liked them because they were quick drying and wicked away moisture which I thought was perfect since my kids don’t always dry themselves fully before starting to get dressed (and then they wonder why their clothes seem to be sticking to them…ha!).

I also decided to get him a new pair of swim trunks and a coordinating rash guard. The swim trunks are made of material that dries twice as fast as typical shorts. I also like that both the rash guard and swim trunks protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays which will be great during summer lessons.

What do you consider essentials during the colder months when your children are swimming? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Essentials For Swim Lessons In The Fall And Winter”

  1. My girls will be starting swimming lessons back up in January. We live in Ohio so it’s gonna be cold!! This is a great list of items to remember for each lesson.

  2. Swimming is such a great exercise even in the winter for kids! I usually take 2 towels also because that air is chilly even indoors. Brrr! Speedo looks like they make a great line of kid’s clothing and swimwear.

  3. Living in Phoenix, we LOVE the water year round and definitely move indoors just for December & January. These are great items to remember for the colder months!

  4. What a great list! We’ve been thinking about doing swim lessons in the very early Spring [basically Winter] for my girls and this really got me thinking about what all extras we’ll need to bring! Thank you!

  5. It’s warm enough here to have swim lessons outdoors through most of the winter, but I would have never thought about packing a hat. What a smart idea to keep the wet hair under it! And comfortable clothes are so important. I bet your son loved those Speedo swim trunks. And that pair and jacket set are really great too!


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