Ghostbusters Themed College Care Package

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This year my little sister will be a junior in college. It’s hard to believe because I can still remember the morning my mom went into labor and the months of hospital trips to the NICU that followed to visit this little one pound, fourteen ounce miracle baby. She’s turned into a beautiful woman and I’m so proud of the amazing, caring person she has become.

Since the new school year is just starting I thought I’d send her a college care package. When I was in college I loved having movie nights with my roommate and friends in my dorm so I thought it would be fun to send her a movie themed package she could enjoy with her friends. With the new Ghostbusters movie out in theaters, and the all-women cast of leading ladies, what better to send for a movie night with girlfriends than a SLIME-tastic college care package?!

When trying to figure out what to put the care package in I chose to use a clear container that my sister could reuse for storage. I started by loading it with a ton of candy. I added in some fun Ghostbusters M&M’s® bottles that I had found plus a variety of other chocolate favorites like SNICKERS®, Twix® and Milky Way®.

I then added in two of the old Ghostbusters movies. Since both Ghostbusters 1 and Ghostbusters 2 came out before her and her friends were even born, I thought they should watch those before they went to see the new movie. I also included a green portable speaker so that they could get better sound when playing the movies from their computer. This little Stay Puft Marshmallow Man character was the perfect addition as well and will put a smile on the face of anyone who sees him.

Another thing that is a must have while watching movies is popcorn. I added some microwavable popcorn packages in the care package and decided to take it a step further by sending additional supplies to make “slime” popcorn. It was super easy to make and can be sent in separate containers so that it can be made fresh whenever they are ready for movie night!


Mix green food coloring into the marshmallow cream until you get your desired shade of green.

Pick out green M&M’s® candies from the bag.

Put both the marshmallow cream and the candies in their own separate containers.

Once they get to your student it’s easy for them to make the microwave popcorn, drizzle the green marshmallow “slime” on the popcorn and top it with green M&M’s®. It’s the perfect combo of sweet and salty!

The last thing I added in was a Ghostbusters tin container and a container of green Peanut M&M’s®. Feel free to add in anything else your college student needs while they are away at college or that they could use for a fun girls night!

I found all of the chocolate, and everything else I needed for the college care package, at Walmart. Look for the fun Ghostbusters M&M’s® display near the front of the store and keep an eye out for the in store coupon with savings of $0.75 off 1 M&M’s® Bottle now through September 30th!

Have you ever sent a college care package? What would you have added to it along with the chocolate?

19 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Themed College Care Package”

  1. Ghost busters great idea. My son is only four and he loves Ghost busters. His favourite is staypuft marshmallow man. He must have 7 of them. Soft ones to the hard plastic ones. He also has all other characters from the film and he his still collecting other ones.

  2. That is an awesome package. Even I would love to get one of these. I love the Ghostbusters! I love the slime popcorn. That’s great!

  3. I absolutely love this! If I were still in college I would send this right to my mom and ask her to make one for me. At this point, I’ll just make it for myself and pretend I’m still in college. Those were the good ‘ol party days anyways!

  4. This is a great care package theme. I will have to send one to my Niece. She is starting her second year away at college.

  5. This is a care package that I would love to have myself. I love the new Ghostbusters so much and cannot wait until it arrives on DVD.

  6. This is such a great care package. I love everything here. I know lots of college students that will love this.


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