Powering The Dreams Of My Little Gymnast

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About a year ago, Lucas told me that he wanted to try gymnastics. Since we had tried a few different sports that just weren’t the right fit for his special needs, I was excited that he wanted to do gymnastics and enrolled him in our park district’s gymnastics class. The park district provides an inclusion aide for him so he can participate in any programs they offer which lets him try different sports and activities he chooses. The first day he walked into the huge room with all that equipment and space to move I have to admit that I was anxious to see how it would go. My son amazed me though. I was proud to see how well he focused and participated in the different skills they were practicing. Turns out he has found his sport and he loves it!

His favorite things to do in gymnastics are the high beam and the bars. Always a bit of a daredevil, this does not surprise me! Watching him walk across the balance beam earlier this week I noticed that with every lesson he gets stronger and more confident in his abilities. It’s so great to see him working hard at something he loves.

Sometimes he gets upset when he is struggling to learn a skill, like a cartwheel, but I encourage him to keep practicing and not get upset when he can’t do something. We’ve enjoyed watching The Olympic Games this past week and I have used them to remind him that all of the athletes he sees have practiced for years to get where they are. Gymnasts like Gabby Douglas and the rest of the USA women’s gymnastics team are amazing and Lucas dreams of being able to do all those skills some day!

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  1. Brent arceneaux says

    Never stop supporting your child’s dreams! Keep up the great job!

  2. Isn’t it great when your child finds a sport or activity that they are really interested in. Keep encouraging him to follow his dreams.

  3. Kelly Reci says

    What a great post! My daughter is 17 and my son is 22 and I will always support whatever dreams they may have!

  4. That is fantastic ! Good for him. I remember when my daughter started tumbling, it was so fun to watch all the kids in the gym!

  5. My son really loves to be active as well. I think he would love to do gymnastics too.

  6. I love that you worked to find him a gym to fit his needs! Such a great, supportive message to parents- tailor to them, not them to an activity! Love!

  7. What a great chance for him to explore new things. I hope he continues to enjoy his gymnastics adventures.

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