How You Can Help Teachers {And Win A Chance To Meet Katy Perry}

I’m proud to be partnering with Staples this back-to-school season to share about some great things they are doing in the community.

Did you know that most teachers spend their own money to equip their classrooms? The Education Market Association estimates that they spend more than $400 per year buying things they need. Staples wanted to do something to support teachers across America and help them as they start preparing for the upcoming school year so they made a $1 million donation to is a charity that has funded more than 700,000 classroom projects for teachers and has positively affected more than 18 million students across the country.

Katy Perry, who has previously supported Staples commitment to education in the past, has joined in to help support teachers across America. She says she believes in “education as a foundation for a great life” and wants “to make sure that students across the country are inspired by their teachers and afforded every opportunity to realize their dreams.” Perry knows “firsthand how desperately teachers need our support.”

In the video above, Katy Perry shares about an inspiring project she made as a 4th grader in music class that helped her express her dreams for her music career. She thinks about how she may not have had that chance to create her vision board if her teacher hadn’t had the materials and goes on to talk about the harsh reality that many teachers face on a daily basis, having to spend their own money to provide adequate supplies and equipment to students. Staples and Katy Perry hope their PSA will encourage viewers to help support teachers by making their own donations at a local Staples store or online at

Staples is also hosting a sweepstakes. Beginning June 26th through September 10th, fans who spend $25 or more in any Staples store will receive a unique entry code on their receipt to enter the sweepstakes online at One grand prize winner will win a $50,000 scholarship plus a trip for two to Los Angeles to meet superstar, Katy Perry. Four first prize winners and one guest each will also win air travel to Los Angeles, two nights stay and spending money to meet Katy Perry at the VIP Winners Celebration. (Visit for official rules.)

Teachers make such a difference in the lives of children and together we can help them make an even bigger difference this back-to-school season. By donating at a Staples store or online, anyone can help a classroom in need. Donations help teachers with books, art supplies, field trips, technology and other resources they need to help children learn.

Will you join me in supporting this important cause?


10 thoughts on “How You Can Help Teachers {And Win A Chance To Meet Katy Perry}”

  1. I think we should all throw in the money that teachers need. First they get paid very little and have to put up with a lot. They shouldn’t have pay for our kids supplies (even if it is for the whole classroom). Second it is just the right thing to do!

  2. How cool! I know how important it is for teachers to have the resources they need to help our children be successful. We are almost ready to purchase our back to school supplies, so we will have to stop into our local Staples.

  3. I can attest to this as a fact- We are constantly donating to our teachers and local schools! This is a great way to give back while back to school shopping!

  4. I think this is great! As a former educator, I know first hand how much teachers buy for their classroom. It is actually quite sad that they spend so much out of pocket!

  5. Teachers do so much for students, and it’s really great that they’re having campaigns like this. I remember when I was a teacher, and it wasn’t easy. This is a great way to help all those teachers out there who need it.

  6. Teachers should not have to spend so much money to keep children in supplies and the things they need for the classroom. Programs like this one are a great way to help people who deserve it.


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