Purse Organization Tips For Busy Moms

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As a mom my purse is many things. It’s a bag for all of my important things like my money and my smartphone. It’s a place for everything my kids hand me that they don’t want to carry like their snack, random toys and the change they find on the ground. It’s a catch all for every paper I get at scouts, sports practice, swim lessons and just about every other activity my kids are in and all the business cards and receipts I get. Then there are the random things I end up putting in there like gum wrappers and used gift cards.

This is what my purse looked like this morning. I had switched to a new purse and not yet moved over my organizational pouches and had done some traveling and had a few busy weeks where I didn’t have time to organize it.

Yikes! Everything is all over and it’s impossible to find anything. The worst is when I go looking for a piece of gum and find my pack has opened up and all my gum is on the bottom of my purse getting squished. I am so excited to have discovered the new Extra® 35-stick pack of gum because it’s in durable, recycled packaging with a flip-top lid. Whoever thought of this was a genius! Not only is the pack perfect for my purse but it’s perfect for sharing because it has more sticks of gum than the other packs. I bought two of them at Walgreens, Extra® Gum Spearmint for myself and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® for Sinisa.

I decided to get back to my old way of organization that I had set up in my old purse where everything had a home and when I’d clean it out every Sunday evening. It was easy to find things and easy to keep organized because everything had a place.

I use makeup bags to organize most of the items by category. I have one for receipts/papers, one for smartphone accessories and one for personal care items. I use the built in pockets of my purse to hold my keys, my business card pouch, my Extra® Gum and my phone when it’s not in my hands. I also use a Life Planner which contains my calendar, to-do lists, and important notes. I put important papers in my Life Planner as well so they don’t get lost.

Look how much more organized everything is!

How do you organize your purse? I’d love to hear your tips! Get more great ideas here and find Extra® Gum in the checkout area or the candy aisle of your local Walgreens!


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