Three Dream Places We’d Consider Moving To

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I was recently asked where I’d move if given the chance. Sinisa and I talk about this sometimes and, while we agree that we want to stay in the Chicago area for now, we do have a few places we’d consider moving if we ever had enough of the Chicago winters.

My top pick would be California, specifically the San Francisco Bay area. I’ve always loved California, from the beautiful weather most of the year to the gorgeous views that can be seen on a drive down the coast. I used to live in Redondo Beach which is close to Los Angeles. I lived there when I was in Kindergarten and 1st grade and we lived blocks from the ocean. My biggest memories of my time there are playing with snails and the school I went to. When I was in Junior High my mom lived in San Ramon which is near San Francisco and I’d go visit her. I liked visiting San Francisco but enjoyed spending time in the suburbs just as much. The only thing keeping me from moving to California is the high cost of living, especially in the Bay area.

Sinisa’s top pick of places to live would be Zagreb, Croatia where he grew up. Unlike California, Croatia is very affordable. I’m not sure how the job situation is but since I can work online from anywhere that wouldn’t be that big of an issue for us. Sinisa fondly tells me about the beautiful beaches and being able to live near the water and live off food that we catch from the sea. Croatia is a modern country with lots of old world charm and the area where he used to live is safe which is important for any family. We’d also choose Croatia for the culture and it would be great to immerse ourselves in it so the boys and I would be forced to learn the language which I know is really important to Sinisa.

Another place on Sinisa’s list of where he’d like to live is Sydney, Australia. There is a large Croatian community there so we’d look at house and land packages in Sydney to be close to those who also spoke Croatian like Sinisa does. He says it’s always Summer there which is a huge plus for us since we love the warmer months here. It would be a dream to have great weather year round. Being surrounded by water is also something so living on an island would be perfect. It would be a great adventure to discover all of Australia together as a family!

Where would you move if you could live anywhere?


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