Real Inspiration

Thanks to T.J.Maxx for sponsoring this post and creating this inspirational video.

“Real inspiration comes from real women.” That’s the basis for the new campaign from T.J.Maxx this Spring and I love it. As a blogger I try to be as open as possible because that’s what I like to see when I visit other blogs or talk with my mom friends. I love seeing “real” women in advertising because these women I can relate to, like I can my friends and fellow bloggers who share about even the not-so-perfect stuff.

T.J.Maxx is sharing real women’s stories about who inspires them and how they make life work every day. Watch the video, brought to you by T.J.Maxx, below to hear a bit of their stories.

Who inspires you? Is it your mom, your sister, your friend? Let me know in the comments below!

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