A Chevy Full Of Love

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The past few months have been difficult for me. It started around Thanksgiving when I lost a family member and also developed a severe illness that attacked the tissues of my body causing inflammation and excruciating pain. For weeks it hurt to stand, sit and walk. I struggled with simple tasks like putting on my own socks and getting in and out of bed. It was the most pain I have ever endured but after a month full of numerous doctor appointments, hospital tests and lab work I finally received a diagnosis and was put on medication. Thankfully the medicine has helped and I am feeling better now but it was a rough journey.

Through it all, a huge highlight of the past few months for me has been partnering with Chevy in their #ChevyShopsForGood campaign.¬†One of the only days I got out during the worst weeks of my illness, my family and I headed out in our loaned Chevy to go to the store and shop for gifts to donate. I let the boys decide where we were going to donate gifts to and they chose to donate them to the children’s hospital for the “sick kids”. The boys were excited to fill the cart up with gifts, going down every aisle to make sure they had toys for children of all ages, from infants to tweens, and all interests, from arts to dolls to lego building.

All the gifts we bought for the children at the hospital fit perfectly into the back of our Chevy Trax. There was a lot more space in the back of the SUV than I thought there would be. Something unique about the Chevy Trax is the amount of cargo space it offers for such a small SUV. I was surprised to find that all seats (other than the driver’s seat of course) folded down to offer space for something up to eight feet in length. I don’t know of any other vehicle with a front passenger seat that folds down like the Trax’s does which is great for those times when you need to transport something long, like a dresser you found at a garage sale.

Image courtesy of Chevrolet

The small crossover SUV was fun to drive but, most importantly, offered all wheel drive which made me feel safe as I drove our family to the city in one of the few snowstorms we’ve had this season. The vehicle also has 10 airbags and a steel cage for safety in case of an accident.

The Trax also has tons of great features. Technology-wise it was loaded with everything from wi-fi to Siri Eyes Free to OnStar Remote Link. The vehicle had remote start which is my best friend during the winter months. Chevrolet even has an app for smartphones that lets you lock and unlock the car remotely and map where you left your vehicle when you park it.

I also loved the large color touchscreen in the middle of the console that showed what was behind us when the car was in reverse.

The design of the vehicle was well thought out with an instrument panel on the steering wheel that offered easy access to entertainment and information. The vehicle has a USB charging port in the upper glove compartment box which was great for traveling.

Overall, the Chevy Trax is a nice SUV. Loaded with great tech features and a lot of available cargo space it’s the perfect choice for someone who is single or has a small family. (If you have a larger family check out the Chevy Traverse or the Suburban!)

Thanks to Chevrolet for letting us test drive the Trax and for the fun weekend in the city. Though my family received perks from Chevy, all thoughts about the vehicle are my own.

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