Bath-Time Fun On A Budget

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It is nearly summer here and all my boys have been talking about lately has been going outside to play. Playing outside for boys means all kinds of sports and games and fun on the playground. Most of all though, it translates into the boys getting dirty as they slide down the field, jump into sand and get covered in grass. After a long day of fun and play my boys need a good bath and a scrub down. Bath-time is after all just another way to have fun and the kids love drawn out baths with lots of bubbles. The only thing that is not fun is spending too much on bath products. Luckily Save-A-Lot and Suave have teamed up to help create bath-time fun on a budget.

For my kids baths mean another chance to get rowdy and splash and throw bubbles everywhere. Usually the kids try to dump extra of whatever they can to make more bubbles. The key to their ongoing happiness is to use tear free products so when the bath water splashes into their eyes it doesn’t sting. Suave has a great line that includes a tear free 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner along with a body wash.

Spending less, means more bottles and more bubbles and happiness (Prices may vary on location). For my kids that just means more fun before bed.

Kids get silly and splash and they are happy. The only thing that makes them crabby after a bath is their unruly hair. Luckily Save-A-Lot and  Suave have a detangler made just for kids and the aroma of apple makes it very friendly to little noses.

Suave has a lot of kid friendly products but I’ve discovered that there are twice as many products for moms and dads. Save-A-Lot has savings for everyone in the family on Suave.

So as the summer comes and the weather gets hotter let the kids play. Let them enjoy playing outside and getting dirty and let Save-A-Lot and Suave be there at the end of the day to clean and refresh the whole family. To make the summer even more fun, Save-A-Lot is also having an exciting opportunity through their Facebook community, giving customers a chance to win a $25 Save-A-Lot gift card each week. For the chance to win a $25 Save-A-Lot gift card, check out the Smart Shopper Sweepstakes on the Save-A-Lot Facebook page:

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