New Spring Books

My favorite books to read are books that are themed for special holidays or seasons. I like them because I think they put into words what children are feeling at a certain time of the year. Harper Collins Publishers sent me a bunch of books and I wanted to share my favorite ones that are perfect for Spring. They bring the joy of the season to children.

Finding Spring by Carin Berger

Spring is all a little bear named Maurice can think about. He is impatient and curious and not at all sleepy so he sets out to find it but before he can find spring, he discovers something magical- winter! We loved the beautiful colors and images in this book.

Cat & Bunny by Mary Lundquist

This sweet story is about the magic of first friendships. I love this book because my boys are still developing friendship skills and while they do, I want them to learn the importance of including others. This book helps them see that others can join in and it makes games that much more fun.

Bunnies by Kevan Atteberry

This is a silly book about Declan, the friendliest sort of little monster, who was out for a walk when he sees some bunnies. My boys loved the images and the fun monster. There’s not really a storyline to this book but it’s enjoyable to read and the boys laughed throughout it as I made funny voices while reading it.

What new books have you discovered? I would love to hear about them!



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