Surprise Your Family With The Ultimate Gift

Sometimes blogging offers such amazing opportunities for my family and I was lucky to be able to treat my boys to the best gift ever this summer- a fabulous Springfree trampoline courtesy of the company. Their faces when they saw it were priceless. They were so excited and I loved being able to give them such a special surprise.

If you are still looking for a gift for your family, Springfree trampolines will create hours of fun for years to come. Imagine family gatherings, those long summer days and more, all spent outside together. You’ll also have the confidence in knowing that you’ve chosen a safe gift for your family.

new study from the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics shows that from 2002 to 2011, trampoline accidents accounted for more than 1 million ER visits. This equates to 100,000 ER visits a year in the US alone. Springfree eliminates 90 percent of product-related injuries associated with traditional trampolines. Springfree is the only trampoline on the market that offers a safe jumping environment by removing the impact areas that can cause injury including risks from the springs, the frame at the jumping surface, falls to the ground and collision with rigid enclosure poles.

Image courtesy: Springfree

If you are looking to buy a Springfree trampoline I wanted to share that now through December 30th, Springfree is offering FREE shipping and a FREE FlexrHoop with every purchase! Check out all the available sizes and pricing here. There is also a #SpringfreeSurprise contest going on. To enter:

  • Plan an elaborate Springfree Surprise for your family this holiday season.
  • Film or photograph the surprise.
  • Upload your photos/videos/stories to the Springfree Surprise page by December 31st.
  • Share your surprise on social media with the hashtag #SpringfreeSurprise.
Have fun! I’ll be following the hashtag to see all the excited faces on Christmas morning :)


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