Finding Energy Without Caffeine

Thanks to Meijer for sponsoring this “healthy me” conversation. I am not a medical professional and nothing written in this post should be taken as medical advice.

A few months ago I cut down my espresso filled drink intake from one to two Venti sized drinks a day to only one or two a week. My wallet is thanking me but I’ve definitely felt the impact on my body. I have a hard time staying up as late as I used to and when I don’t have the caffeine I feel very sluggish.

As a mom of two, always on the go boys, I can’t be anything but on top of my game. I decided to try some alternate ways of getting energy.

Water. I drink very little water at the moment but that needs to change because I know I’d feel a lot better if I was hydrated. I sit at a desk all day long so to increase my water intake I’m going to keep a water bottle on my desk all day. I picked up a pretty pink one at Meijer and it has an easy snap top so I can quickly open and close it.

Exercise. It’s time to admit to myself that I will probably never make it to the gym and I can probably ditch my gym membership. It’s not that I don’t WANT to workout. It’s just that between my kids and all their sports and activities, my full time job, my blog (which is like a second full-time job), and running a household I’m lucky to get in a shower, let alone find an hour or more to drive to the gym and get a decent workout in. With all that said, I can find ways to exercise during the day and have started taking walking breaks every hour or so. I get up and spend five minutes rushing around my house- picking up stuff, walking around for no reason, and giving myself a chance to stretch out. These short breaks make it easier for me to concentrate when I come back to my computer and have me feeling refreshed.

Supplements. I am horrible at remembering my daily vitamin so this is going to be another thing that sits next to my computer. I even found a vitamin labeled “energy” that has extra “B” vitamins and Ginseng. The Centrum Specialist Supplement is caffeine free which means I can get all of the benefits of caffeine without the side effects. Another supplement that seems like something worth trying is the NatureMade VitaMelts. The Energy one is a Vitamin B supplement and would be perfect for that mid-afternoon pick me up. Meijer has a whole aisle of vitamins and supplements so you can work with your doctor to find the right one for your needs.

Sleep. The to-do list never goes away and staying up until the wee hours of the morning isn’t going to do me any good. Eight hours of sleep for me isn’t realistic but I am going to aim for seven. I got some Melatonin which I might take on particularly stressful days because otherwise I will stay awake worrying and thinking.

So there you have it. Four things I’m going to try to boost my energy in hopes of a healthy and happy 2015. If you have any tips for me on how you find energy without caffeine I’d love to hear them!


  1. Finding Energy Without Caffeine…

    Thanks to Meijer for sponsoring this “healthy me” conversation. I am not a medical professional…

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