How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills This Winter

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It is snowing in parts of the Chicago area this morning. SNOWING! On October 4th! That combined with reports that this winter is going to be even colder than last winter does not make me very happy.

To be honest, we keep our house very warm in winter. Like 80 degrees warm. Last winter’s heating bill was crazy and I’ve vowed that this winter is not going to be like that. We need to curb spending in this area so I’ve come up with a few ways we are going to do that.

First, we are going to turn the thermostat down a bit. This is a given. We just have to wear more clothes in the house, including heavy socks so our feet stay warm on the hardwood floors.

Moving into a home with a fireplace means that we will be able to rely on the warmth of the wood burning fireplace in the winter time. Having a fire going on the days we are home all day means that the room we spend most of our time in will stay warmer throughout the day. I’m also excited for family game nights, drinking hot cocoa with a cozy fire going.

When I was growing up I remember we had this long “snake” in front of doors to keep out the drafts. I plan to make one for our back slider in our home so the cold air doesn’t get in or the hot air escape. Here is a great tutorial I found online to make one.

Our home also has new insulation in the attic to keep the heat from escaping through the roof. This costs money up front but over time will save you money on your heating bills. If you have skylights make sure the heat isn’t escaping from them, too! We have a plastic wrap covering the skylight area which lets sunlight in but keeps the heat from rising.

Another way I’ve been learning about to keep the heating bill down is to install a smart thermostat, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. Smart thermostats offer you climate control, the convenience of programming away from home, and more. I’d love to be able to turn the thermostat down while I’m out and then when I’m on my way home, turn the heat back up all from my smartphone. Their 24 or 36 month¬†Comfort & Control Plans provide a fixed rate price stability and you get a Nest Learning Thermostat (a $249 value) at no cost to you.

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