Love Is Greater Than Hate

Weeks ago a story emerged in the news that caught the attention of many people, myself included. It was the tale of an ALS Ice Bucket challenge gone wrong. In Bay Village, Ohio three teens challenged one of their fellow students, a fourteen-year-old boy with Autism to take the ALS Ice bucket challenge. But instead of ice water, the teens dumped a bucket off the roof of a house filled with urine, spit and feces on the teen.

This story filled me with sadness and broke my heart to see kids doing something so cruel to a peer. The fact that this teenager has Autism gives me anxiety as I consider my own child’s future and how he will have to not only navigate life with Autism but learn how to exist with many who don’t understand him. While he will learn a lot as he grows up, I feel it’s my job as his mom to help teach him these things.

It’s also my job to try to make the world a better place for him and to prove that love is greater than hate. When I was contacted by GiveForward about working with them to promote a fundraiser for the boy and his family, I jumped at the opportunity. More so than raising money, it is a chance to show them that they are loved. The goal is to get a thousand people to leave words of encouragement! Please join us on the fundraiser page. Give if you can but whatever you do, please leave a comment filled with love.


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