New School Year For Kids Means New Beauty Regimen For Mom

The new school year always brings as much promise for me as the New Year does. It’s a time to start new traditions and new routines. While that means new classes and activities for the boys, it means a new beauty regimen for me this year. Thanks to Johnson & Johnson for sponsoring this post and sending me products to remind me that I need to start taking care of myself better!

Many of you know that I work from home. It’s great and such a huge blessing but I must confess that I often get lazy having that luxury. I usually spend my whole day in yoga pants and t-shirts with no makeup on and my hair up in a messy bun. I hide behind my Avatar on Google hangout meetings with co-workers because I feel self-conscious. The casual look carries over into the evenings as I run to sports practices. (To be honest, the only times I look semi-decent are when I’m going to school events, Church or blogging events.)

I’m slowly trying to get out of that rut now that the kids are back in school. While I will probably still keep the comfy clothes most days, I will work on being more presentable in them. To start off, I will wash my face of the night-time grime. One product that I love and have used before is Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub.

I like that this product exfoliates but is still very gentle on my sensitive skin. I follow this up with Aveeno’s Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream on my dry patches of skin. I’ll go beyond toothbrushing with some Listerine Mouth Wash and comb my hair into a cuter looking ponytail. After I’ve taken care of my skin, mouth and hair I’m going to start putting on basic makeup. A BB cream will even out my skin, and then I’ll finish off with a little color- some lip gloss, a swipe of mascara and a bit of blush.

Will I look fancy? No. Will I look a little more presentable? Yes! This will help me not scare the UPS driver and the bus drivers and may just make me feel more confident throughout the day. At the very least, I will feel a bit more desirable when Sinisa comes home from work ;)

I also want to share that the J&J Healthy Essentials site has over $40 in coupons! Go check it out!

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