The Promises We Make To Our Children

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own.)

When I first became a mom I remember looking down at my son and instantly falling in love with the little swaddled child in my arms. Even though we had just met, I made many promises to him. Among those were the promise that I’d love him forever and that I’d be the very best mom I could be.

These desires didn’t end when we left the hospital, but have only grown stronger over the years. Every time I look at my child I find myself thinking that I couldn’t possibly love him more and then the next day comes and I realize I love him more than I did the day before and even more than the day before that one. Every hour I grow more in love and with that comes the strong maternal desire to keep him safe. One way I keep my children safe is by trying to always make the best decisions with them in mind. I love when I discover that companies have the same values that I do and one of those companies is Johnson & Johnson.

Moms make promises to their babies all the time and J&J listened to moms and made one too! They recently changed the formula of their baby care products because parents shared their concerns and they wanted to give parents peace of mind when using the products on their little ones.

What promises do you make to your children?

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