Four Benefits Of Team Sports

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One of my favorite places to be is on the sidelines cheering for my boys as they play sports. This summer Jacob was in baseball and both Jacob and Lucas were in soccer. Fall brings Jacob’s first football season.

Sports offer many benefits including teamwork, responsibility, exercise and friendship. I hope that the boys continue playing sports for years to come. All of the great things that come from playing sports will become even more important as they head into elementary school and then into the teenage years.

Since sports are not a solo activity, one of the main things the boys learn from being on a team is team work and how to get along with others. They can probably kick a ball down the field and score a goal themselves but it’s much more meaningful when they can share the win with a friend. On the baseball field, one person can’t cover all of the bases themselves, they have to throw the ball to a teammate.

Another thing that the boys learn while playing sports is responsibility. They have to practice to get better and they have to make sure they are at practices and games. This is mostly the parents’ job right now but as the boys get older they will have to become more disciplined in making sure that they practice and arrive places on time so they don’t let their teammates down.

Sports are a fun way to get exercise. Running is not something either of my boys enjoy doing but they have to do it when they play sports and then they don’t mind because it’s made to be fun. Running the bases while people in the stands cheer, running down the field after a player who has the soccer ball or running, football under the arm, gives the activity a purpose. As kids get older they tend to become more sedentary in front of video games and tv so it’s good that by their teen years they will already be used to regular exercise.

Best of all, friendships develop while playing team sports. All those hours spent practicing and on the sidelines help the boys develop bonds with other kids. With delayed language and being on the Autism Spectrum, Lucas has not always formed friendships easily as he tends to sometimes be in his own world. This past season of soccer though, I really saw him come out of his shell talking with the kids on his team and laughing with them. This is the greatest thing that has come out of sports and I hope that as they get older they will continue to make new friends through the different teams they’re on.

What benefits have you seen from your children playing sports? If you want more ideas of how to keep children active from childhood to their teen years visit Let’s You can also find Let’s Play on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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