Creating A World Where No Child Goes Hungry

I am proud to be partnering with Feed the Children, an organization that exists to end childhood hunger. I’ve shared how important this cause is to me numerous times here on the blog and will continue to do so until all children have enough food to eat. It seems like a lofty goal but I truly believe that it’s one that could be seen in my lifetime.

Currently, hunger hurts 1 out of every 7 children. Feed The Children is working on a number of initiatives to end child hunger, one of them being a pilot program in Oklahoma City. The pilot, called Oklahoma Summer Food and Education Program, represents Feed the Children’s new vision and commitment to unite like-minded organizations to defeat the status quo of hunger.

In Oklahoma, the school lunch program that lower-income families depend on shuts down for the summer break, which means roughly 300,000 children may be left without a stable source of nutrition. While the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program helps fill that gap over the summer, there are still children who go hungry. Feed the Children’s Pilot program provides better access to more meals and also educational resources like books and school supplies.

Though this program will be focused on Oklahoma this summer, it will benefit those who live in other places as well. Results from the pilot program will be offered to Feed the Children partners to identify ways to better solve summer food insecurity that have impact, are far-reaching and cost-effective. This will hopefully spur programs in other states.

Want to learn more about Feed The Children or The Oklahoma Summer Food and Education Program? Join me at the #HelpKidsBeKids Twitter Party on July 9th from 1-2 PM EST.


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