Brighten The Day With A Colorful Snack

Chicago is gearing up for the Color Vibe race tomorrow and, to celebrate, I’m partnering with Tum-E Yummies for this sponsored post.

The Color Vibe event is a fun event where you’ll get blasted with color while you run the 5k. To go along with the theme, I thought I’d share a quick, colorful snack with you all that my kids love. This would be the perfect thing to snack on during the race or really anytime!

I made a snack mix with cheerios, fruit loops, peanuts, m&m’s, and raisins. The fruit loops cereal and m&m’s made it a very colorful treat! For more fun we paired it with the Tum-E Yummies fruit flavored drinks. Luke’s favorite was the red fruit punch flavor. I liked the green apple one.

You’ll notice Luke wearing a colorful wiggly headband and ribbon as well. We found those at Target by the party favors (along with some rainbow colored necklaces). We are ready for a day of colorful fun!

Want to join in? Check out the race schedule below to find one of these colorful races near you!


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