World’s Toughest Job

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts are my own.)

Can you all believe it’s June already?! The whole month of May just flew by and now we are into June which means Father’s Day is just around the corner. Father’s Day celebrates dads who have one of the World’s toughest jobs. Check out the cute video below and see just how unscripted life can be as a dad!

Father’s Day was created to make sure our dads know just how special they are to us and what better way to express our love and thanks than with a heartfelt card? Since I do everything online, it’s only natural that I was drawn to Cardstore, a greeting card website where I can create a custom card that is then printed and mailed for me. This means that I can design the card at night when the boys are asleep and save myself time at the store and post office. It also ensures that the card I give doesn’t look like anyone else’s because it’s a one of a kind creation by me!

I started by looking at Cardstore’s designs and found a cute one that featured the reason why kids loved their dad. I then asked each of my kids why they loved their daddy. Jacob’s response was: “because he does everything for me”. I added that to the card and then picked out a recent picture of Jacob.

I also asked Jacob if there was anything else he wanted to say to his daddy and he said: “you’re the best daddy ever”. I added that note on the inside along with “Love, Jacob”. I then went to send it which was as easy as entering an address, choosing the date I wanted it sent and then paying for it.

What will your next custom card say? Use the code CCG4527 for a Father’s Day card at the discount rate of $2.49 through tomorrow, June 9th.



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