Exploring Scientific Concepts With Kids

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When I taught preschool I loved doing hands on learning activities with my kids. One of my favorite memories was doing a simple ice melting experiment with the kids on a very long winter day. I gave them a variety of things (like warm water, fabric, etc) and asked them which would melt the ice and which would not. They then worked in pairs to test out their hypotheses. I loved watching their little minds work through the problem and their expressions as they discovered which things worked and which didn’t.

Now that I have my own kids and work full-time outside a classroom, I don’t have eight hours a day to do projects so I look for other fun ways to teach science concepts. My boys learn about cause and effect in the bathtub, gravity and velocity when racing their derby cars at Awana, and learn about photosynthesis when planting flowers. There are opportunities to learn everywhere we go.

Some of my favorite bloggers feature science experiments on their blogs. Follow my Science for Kids Pinterest board to check out their posts as I pin them. This easy lightbulb experiment from KLS Crafts is fun, too!

We also enjoy some great kid’s tv shows that explore science and problem solving. My favorite is the Magic School Bus which is a well-known show that’s been on for years. Recently we’ve discovered Peep and the Big Wide World on Netflix. Other science-based shows for young kids include Jimmy Neutron Boy GeniusAnimal Mechanicals, and Wild Kratts.

What are the ways you teach science to your kids?

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