Escape The Cold At KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort {Giveaway & Coupon Code}

(Disclosure: My family received a complimentary stay at the resort but all thoughts are my own.)

It’s been cold and snowy here in Chicago and I’m really ready for warmer weather. Last weekend we took an hour and a half drive North to Gurnee and escaped to the warmth of KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort.

Once inside we immediately felt like we were in Florida. The main hall was decorated to look like a street and it hinted at the fun we were going to have during our stay.

At check-in we learned that KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark is conveniently cashless. We received a Smart Band® RFID wristband which was our room key and also allowed us to charge everything back to our room just by the swipe of our wrists. The wristbands can be used for vending machines, token dispensers in the arcade, lockers, restaurants, spa, gift shops, and concessions at KeyLime Cove. I loved that we didn’t have to carry cash or worry about losing our room key.

After we checked in and headed to our room which continued the tropical theme. I thought it was nice that the sleeping area and the “living” area were separated by a sliding door because it created different living spaces.

Once we put everything in our room, the boys were begging to go to the waterpark. KeyLime Cove Resort’s Lost Paradise waterpark features 65,000 square feet of indoor fun. They have a wave pool, water slides, lazy river, and a great kid’s area.

I really love that the waterpark opens at 9am on weekends because my kids wake up really early and it is so hard to wait three or four hours for the park to open like at some places we’ve been. As far as safety goes, I thought the lifeguards were very aware of what was going on at all times and none of them looked “checked out” while doing there job. There was also plenty of seating in the water park.

The resort features a lot of other fun activities outside of the water park. I loved that there was a kid’s daily “Fun-tivities Guide” to tell us what was happening each day. The guide features new activities almost hourly during the day where children can participate in a kids’ parade, decorate a cookie, do a scavenger hunt, listen to a story, or do a craft. These activities are free! The boys did one where they colored a sports visor to wear. There is also a large arcade for kids of all ages.

Adults have a lot of options at the resort. Looking to relax? The resort has a spa with all sorts of services offered. Like to shop? Check out one of the unique shops to find the perfect gift for a friend.

While at KeyLime Cove you are bound to get hungry. There are many delicious options. While there we enjoyed a breakfast buffet at D.W. Anderson’s. The buffet featured an omelet station and a waffle station. I’m not really a fan of buffets but really loved this one because the food was freshly cooked and didn’t seem like it had been sitting there a while. The buffet even had blintzes which Sinisa loved and you don’t normally see at buffets. While at the water park we lunch from their Sharky’s Big Bites snack area. Dinner at The Crazy Toucan also exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed a strawberry colada with cheesy crab logs. Crab is my favorite food and this mixture of crab and cheese on toasted bread was amazing. They also had a large variety of choices for the kids. We headed to Island Temptations for dessert where candy, ice cream, coffee and more is available.

Overall, we had a great time at KeyLime Cove Resort. We stayed one night and enjoyed the waterpark the day before our stay and the day after which was perfect for my young kids. Then we headed home in this…

It was nice escaping reality for a bit :) Do you want to take a mini-vacation like my family did? Check out the great deal below!


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Giveaway ends March 1, 2014 at 11:59pm Central time. Must be 21 or over and a US resident to enter.

73 thoughts on “Escape The Cold At KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark Resort {Giveaway & Coupon Code}”

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    • Wow !!!!!! Our Grandkids just love Key Lime Cove when we have taken them on Spring Break the past 3 yrs and can’t wait to come back !!!! We have expressed to other Grandparents what an awesome place it is and how the kids love it. The Grandparents have choose to take their Grandkids also for Spring Break. Seems like we meet up with a lot of the same people when we go for Spring Break since we have spread the word over the past 3 years !!!!! Please give us the “Credit” Lol….for passing on the good news to others who have love Key Lime Cove also. Please ……we are looking forward to having another awesome Spring Break with our Grandkids again this year!!!!!!! Nana and Papa …… the way…I shared this on FB

  2. Our son loves waterparks so I would love to win for him. We are all going a little stir crazy right now so this would be something that would keep us active and would wear out the little one.

  3. I would love to win this! My family has been itching for a getaway and this place is so close and we haven’t checked it out yet.

  4. I would love to win this so we could stay here when we go to Great America. We plan on taking our son to Great America for the first time and this would be a great place to stay!

  5. I would really love to win this for my family my husband lost his job four months ago and spring break is coming up and we cannot afford to go anywhere so this would really help and also too it would make my kids happy knowing that we could at least go somewhere for them, they have been working very hard in school so they deserve this! I hope we can win this

  6. We all have cabin fever in our house, and we need a little escape. This would be a great opportunity to get away and not spend too much time traveling since it’s only an hour away. We would all have a great time playing in an indoor waterpark.

  7. My two boys and I LOVE KLC! It would be so fantastic to escape this snow, just for a day or two!! Plus, this mama could use a colada poolside!!

  8. HI, We would love to win this vacation for our family because my husband just recently seperated from the Air Force. He did so because our family was moving every 2-3 years and our three children were craving stability and no more deployments. Since my husband seperated we lost our health care and benefits, he also went to a lower paying job. We don’t have the extra money to spend on a nice “getaway”.
    Thank you for your time,
    Amy Roach

  9. I would love to surprise my 4 boys with a water park getaway! We have all be cooped up in this never ending winter! It would be so nice to relax and SWIM! My youngest hasn’t been to a water park yet. We would love to go soon!

  10. Like many I am ready for a break from this weather. I am a stay at home mom and my husband has been working hard but we need a fun-cation!! I love to bring my daughters up too…they live to swim and have never experienced a waterpark!

  11. Being cooped up inside with 16 month old twins and a 4 year old is enough to make any family stir crazy….it would be an amazing experience for my kids and a much needed mini-vacation for my family to help us get through the remainder of this rough winter ..just to see their smiling happy faces and make some memories is what its all about!! :)

  12. This would be a fantastic way to celebrate my sons 5th birthday! I would love to be able to be able to use this to help spend the night to celebrate my little trooper. It’s been a winter filled with cabin fever and to top it off my two little ones have been so patient while I have been recovering from spinal surgery. We would love to escape the snow!!

  13. So busy with work and a home project that our little ones have been pushed to the side lately. My son loves Keylime, it would be great to have a much needed, special day out focused on him and my daughter with no distractions!

  14. I would love to get the gift card. We are heading there on Friday for a much needed break and some Family fun. We had my Grandmothers Memorial on Saturday and my Dad had a heart attack on Wednesday. Plus, this winter has been brutal!

  15. Single dad with two great kids that deserve a fun time at a water park to ease the cabin fever blues. This would help me provide a nice getaway for them.

  16. My boys and I would love to win this as we plan to spend some time at Keylime Cove over spring break. We haven’t had a real get away vacation in a few years because of myself being back in school and othe family obligations. The best we can do is mini staycations and Keylime Cove is the best place to have it!

  17. I have a nine year old and an eight year old who love staying at hotels just for the fun of swimming. We don’t get to do it often, but when we do, they have the time of their life. Gurnee is the half way point for me to meet up with my mother so she could join in with the festivities since we only get to see her once a year. This extremely brutal winter has taken a toll on everyone this year and I think this would be the perfect way to make family memories and escape our cabin fever.

  18. My family would love to get away close to home to get a little break from this winter! We love Key Lime Cove!

  19. I would love to stay there with my family . My children were away from their father for 2 years and 2 months while he was in Mexico waiting for his visa .

  20. I have 3 boys ages 4 and under. Get me out of this house! :). We need a change of scenery and to feel like we’re on vacation for a night! :)

  21. My Grandkids can’t wait for Spring Break 2014 to return to Key Lime Cove for the 3rd year in a row……neither can we!!!!! The place is awesome with excellence in Service from every single area !!!!!! I have posted the link on FB for others to enjoy and book time at Key Line Cove. Please choose us since we have passed on the good word to many Grandparents who have also come back again at their Grandkids Spring Break when we enjoy each other’s company and our Grandkids get to see each other again.

    Thanks, Nana and Papa of 3 awesome Grandkids who can’t wait for Spring Break at Key Lime Cove 2014 to make great memories !!!!!

  22. I would love to win this trip. This would be our first trip away in years. We as a family need to reconnect and get away from our busy day by day routine. You won’t regret picking us.

  23. My family has got cabin fever BAD! Kids have been acting out and so have Mommy and Daddy sometimes. We need a break from our house. The kids would love Keylime! My girls have a blast anytime they are around water! My 3 yo and husband would get jazzed about the slides and I could relax and watch my 15 month old splash her squishy little heart out!
    Shared on FB.

  24. We want to win this…because we used to visit a couple times a year…then my husband and I lost my ho and my daughter started college! My 9 year old always asks to cone back here!! Would love to come back!!!

  25. Oh, man, why WOULDN’T I want to go to Key Lime Cove?! My best friend has gone to Key Lime Cove tons of times with her husband and son, and she has loved it and praised it. However, having 4 kids and just one income makes it is difficult for our family to afford a stay there. Winning $50 towards a getaway would give us incentive to save up and actually make a reservation. Plus, this nasty weather is more incentive! Please select us!

  26. I just graduated college as an Elementary Education teacher and my husband is a garbage man. We have been very busy! My husband has been working hard long hours in these horrible weather conditions. He is sore and tired. I think a relaxing weekend away is needed. It would be nice to be able to take our three kiddos away for a weekend and enjoy time together as a family.

  27. I. Have 3 girls 17,11,10 would make a fun and nice way to have a girls nite and day out!! Need a.break from winter and the dreary days ,just time to.relax as a family not worry about school.or work .i will have to out one day sounds.great..

  28. We’ve shoveled over 60″ of snow this winter, blew out 2 tires & the car has been stuck in the snow several times. I think we deserve a break! I’d love to spend sum quality time with the kids while we pretend we’re in Orlando!

  29. Due to this crazy weather, and the past 6 months being rough for us , my family and I are overdue for a nice getaway. My kids have been talking about going here the first chance we can get out the house, especially my 5 year old. She ask atleast once a week “when are we going to Keylime Cove?” They just LOVE this place, and it is much needed!!

  30. We really can could use se family time. My husband works 48 hours a week and is in school full time. This leave us little family time. I have four kids under 7 we are all getting stir crazy and would love to try Key Lime Cove out. We have heard good thing but never experience a Key Lime Cover Adventure. My oldest two just learned how to swim. This would be a great reward!

  31. Tired of being stuck inside. It would be great to get away and go with the kids to play for a day. Thanks!

  32. As I’m looking at 7 MORE inches of snow out our living room windows, I can think of nothing better than a visit to KLC. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences on this excellent water park!

  33. I’ve been here a few times and my grandkids love it! The staff is very helpful and very courteous! We would love to go back!

  34. We are planning our key lime cove get away next month an would love to $50 gift card to spend in the arcade an maybe the kiddie spa for my daughter so much to do it will be hard to choose. Anything we do i know the kids will have a blast

  35. Our family could so use a get-a-way! I have been keeping an eye on Key Lime Cove deals! Never been and would love to go soon!

  36. I want this gift card because we had to cancel our trip to Keylime Cove last month when our third son came early. Our 3 year old was crushed and still keeps asking to go on the fast orange water slide (yes, the big adult slides, he’s a thrill seeker!) and to play basketball in the pool. If I win, hubby and the big boys can have a surprise guys weekend! :)

  37. I would like to win because last time i stayed at keylime cove i was disappointed with rude employee. The matter was easiliy fixed by a awesome manager. I would like to give keylime another shot.

  38. I would love to win these my friend and I were talking about taking our daughters there for their 3rd birthdays since they are 6 days apart. We thought this would be a fun tradition to start for our girls. My daughters birthday is also March 1st ;-)

  39. Our family would love this get away and we have never been to key lime cove! Much needed after this bitter winter.

  40. My family and I need a vacation. My 4 year old son has a SPD disorder and attends special ed self contained preschool and also outside therapy. He is in therapy 7x per week and is non-verbal. He has night terrors and had surgery a few months ago to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and eartubes put in. We cant afford a vacation because of the cost of all of his therapy. He has been in therapy for years. Swimming helps to strengthen his core muscles since he is low tone. My husband works nights as a pokice officer. We an all really use the break. Thank you.

  41. We’d be so grateful to win! My little one was inspired to learn how to swim from a visit to a similar water park. I’d love to bring her back now that she’s had swim lessons to take the water park by storm with her new confidence.

  42. I have 3 kids who are just bouncing off the walls from this winter, I (mom) need a break from all the fighting and yelling. Plus if I win it would make me the best mom ever–at least temporarily.!

  43. My husband, myself, and our 4 year old desperately need a few days out of the house! We recently moved, started new jobs, etc…and we’re stressed to the max. A few days away with just the 3 of us, is just what we need!

  44. Thank you! I just booked our first stay at Key Lime Cove using your promo code. I am meeting up with my best friend from college, who I haven’t seen for over two years! She is in Indiana and I am in Wisconsin, so this is a perfect spot for us to meet up. Between us, we have 5 kids (and one on the way) so we would really love to win the gift card to be able to add a special treat during our reunion vacation. We are really looking forward to it! Thanks again. -Sarah

  45. My son has been saving for a trip for almost year. We told him since this was a “want” and not a “need” he would have to come up with the funds and he could have a friend join him. He is still short on the $$$ but if we won he could use his funds for the arcade and pizza and maybe order that crazy ice cream dish. Enjoyed your blog. Shared on facebook. :)

  46. I would like to win for my daughter she has Autism and she loves it everytime we go.. I try to make her as happy as I can by doing Keylime Cove as much as possible because its something that makes her very happy and to see her happy is the best thing I can ask for..

    • My son also has Autism. He is going to be 2 on April 1st. We are going to a Keylime Cove on March 4th. I really hope he likes it and isn’t overwhelmed.

  47. My boyfriend and I were blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl a couple months ago. Every time we take her a bath, she smiles so big and splashes everywhere. Also, we haven’t been able to go out since money is super tight. I would love to win this more for my boyfriend because he works so hard to support us. He loves the water! I guess that’s where our daughter got her love for the water from. This would be such an amazing getaway for us. Our first little vacation. ☺️❤️

  48. I want to win! Winning would be great because we are coming to Key lime Cove on March 4th for the Fat Tuesday celebration. We have been coming every year for the past 4 years. We totally love the place. It would be awesome to have a $50, gift card to take with us!!

  49. Money has been so tight for so many years that this would seem like a huge vacation for us! Like a trip to paradise! Having only one car that my husband uses for work and no school busses where I live, we’ve had no choice but to home school our two kids. Needless to say after this winter, it would be wonderful to escape for a while! :)

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