Stretch Your Holiday Budget

I am excited to be working with Coinstar this holiday season to share how you can stretch your budget without having to sell anything or get a second job. Wondering what it is? Search your home for coins! I couldn’t believe the change I found in the washing machine, on my closet floor, and under the couch!

In a recent survey, Coinstar found that, on average, consumers estimate they have a little more than $26 in spare change, but according to Coinstar’s nationwide kiosk data, the average amount that customers convert to a NO FEE eCertificate and/or gift card when they cash in their coins is $56 – more than double what survey respondents thought. Check out some of the other findings of the survey:

My family and I recently went to try out the Coinstar machine to see how easy it was to convert the change we’d found to usable money (because, really, who wants to hand a cashier a baggie of coins at the register with a line of people behind you?)

I love the Coinstar offers so many options for what we can do with our coins. We had the choice to turn them into cash, deposit them directly to our Paypal account, donate them to charity with their Coins that Count™ program, reload a prepaid debit card, or turn them into a gift card or e-certificate. I was surprised to find out that some of the options were even free to do!

We decided to turn our change into a Starbucks e-certificate because I love my Iced Caramel Macchiatos. I was worried at how the e-certificate worked because it was just a receipt with a card number and barcode but when I handed it over in the drive-thru the barista knew just what to do with it.

Want to find a Coinstar near you? Find the Kiosk locator here. How much money do you have lying around your home?

(Disclosure: As stated above, this is a sponsored post. I received compensation but all thoughts are my own.)

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  2. I love using Coinstar! I always save our change. People do not realize how fast it ads up! My husband empties his pockets every night and every morning I pick the change up and put it in my savings jar, Then when I get about $100 I go cash it in!


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