Our New Puppy Friend, Read With Me Scout

The boys have a new little puppy! Okay…so it’s not a real puppy. We received Read with Me Scout from Leapfrog to review and the boys are loving him.

Read with Me Scout from LeapFrog is an interactive plush toy that helps children develop reading comprehension skills to get them on a path to reading. Not only does puppy pal Scout make reading fun with five interactive stories that he reads aloud, but he also responds to every pet, pat, hug and kiss! Simply press a button on his collar to start reading and pat his head to turn the page. Scout will ask your child questions throughout each story to create engaging learning moments and help build comprehension skills. Scout loves to sing, too! ¬†Switch into Sleepy Time Mode when it’s time to snuggle and listen to relaxing stories and eight minutes of lullabies.

It was interesting to see how both boys interacted with Scout. Jacob, who is five and just starting to sound out words, really enjoyed reading the books with Scout. He followed along while Scout read the words and he’d tap Scout’s head every time he was ready to go on to the next page.

Lucas played with Scout completely different than Jacob did. Lucas, my four year who has Autism, looked at the books for a few minutes but spent most of the time just cuddling with Scout and listening to his songs. Luke isn’t too fond of books at the moment but I’m hoping that as he gets older he will use Scout’s reading feature.

Overall, Read with Me Scout has been a hit in our home. We’ve had it for about 2 weeks and the boys have played with it numerous times so far. I like that Scout doesn’t just read the books but asks questions as well. This makes kids become an active participant in the story instead of just having the story read to them. I loved watching Jacob answer Scout and could tell that he was really thinking about everything he heard. I like that Scout is soft and cuddly and has different options for play so that kids of all abilities and ages can enjoy him.

Having owned a variety of Leapfrog products these past years I have to say that this is one of my favorites (second only to the LeapPad).

(Disclosure: We received a Read with Me Scout from Leapfrog to review.)

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