Skylanders SWAP Force Game Coming Out Soon

(Disclosure: I am receiving a free Skylanders game truck party but all thoughts are my own.)

My son has been looking forward to a very special day coming up. No, it’s not his birthday or Christmas…it’s October 13th- the day the new Skylanders SWAP Force game comes out. Jacob has just started learning how to play the Wii that’s been collecting dust for the past couple years. He spends the majority of time playing with the figures that go along with the game, as his younger brother does.

They are both really excited that the new Skylanders game means new game figures. They can’t wait to try out the new figures because their top parts come off and can be “swapped” with another character’s top half to create new figures. Swapping them creates over 250 different characters! Learn more about the new game here.

Since they both love the game I jumped on the opportunity to host a Skylanders SWAP Force Game Truck party courtesy of Activision, makers of the extremely popular game. Jacob declared I was the “best mom ever” when I told them and my boys are both so excited about it. Our party isn’t until November but it’s going to be so fun!

Do your children love Skylanders, too?

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