Picnic In The Park With Maclaren Baby Accessories

(Disclosure: I received pieces from Maclaren Baby, picnic essentials, and a gift card but all thoughts are my own.)

My family recently enjoyed a beautiful picnic in the park on a sunny Fall day. We used items from the Maclaren Baby line from the UK in honor of the Royal baby. This just goes to show that once you no longer have a baby you can still use their items.


Since we didn’t have a large blanket to put down, we used Maclaren’s Reversible Buggy Blanket. I love the vibrant colors of the blanket. On one side is this plaid print and the other is a soft, cozy fleece that is perfect for covering a child in a stroller or cuddling under the stars.

The other two Maclaren pieces we used for our day at the park were the Maclaren Magazine Tote and Maclaren’s Universal Insulated Pannier. The magazine tote (the blue/grey one) I put the blanket in and my camera. We used the Insulated bag (the red one) for our drinks so they would stay cold while we were at swim lessons and the grocery store.

Overall, we had a great afternoon. We ate some delicious food and then walked down by the stream. I’m going to keep these Maclaren pieces in my car for our next picnic or family outing.

We don’t use a stroller that often anymore but when we go places where we will be doing a lot of walking we do so I love that both the buggy blanket and the insulated pannier hang from the stroller because that leaves more room in the basket underneath for things like my purse, coats, and the bag of extra clothes. Lucas always used to carry his little blue polka dot blanket everywhere and it would drag on the ground when it was on his lap in the stroller. I can’t wait to go to the zoo this Fall and cover him up with this Maclaren buggy blanket. He will stay so warm!

What baby items do you still have that you use for other things?



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