Advertising In Schools: Where Do We Draw The Line?

The other day I went to a PTA meeting at Jacob’s new public elementary school. As I was sitting in the gym listening to the PTA president talk about the new fundraiser our school was doing I looked over and saw a large advertisement for CoverGirl on the wall. I thought it was odd because I had never noticed blatant ads placed in the kid’s schools before but I quickly forgot about it as the meeting continued and I was trying to take notes.

Today Lucas comes home from his public school (it’s a preschool) with this sticker on the front of his shirt:

I have nothing against either company. I wear CoverGirl makeup and drink Coke products. My kids are 4 and 5 and can already identify a number of brands just by their logos and could do so at a young age. Most kids their ages can just because of the times that they are growing up in.┬áMy question is, why are we advertising these products to young children in their schools? I think it’s pretty inappropriate. What do you think? Do you think it’s okay or would you be upset about it?

(Note: I’d add more of my thoughts on this subject but I’m running out the door to Jake’s soccer practice.)