Advertising In Schools: Where Do We Draw The Line?

The other day I went to a PTA meeting at Jacob’s new public elementary school. As I was sitting in the gym listening to the PTA president talk about the new fundraiser our school was doing I looked over and saw a large advertisement for CoverGirl on the wall. I thought it was odd because I had never noticed blatant ads placed in the kid’s schools before but I quickly forgot about it as the meeting continued and I was trying to take notes.

Today Lucas comes home from his public school (it’s a preschool) with this sticker on the front of his shirt:

I have nothing against either company. I wear CoverGirl makeup and drink Coke products. My kids are 4 and 5 and can already identify a number of brands just by their logos and could do so at a young age. Most kids their ages can just because of the times that they are growing up in.┬áMy question is, why are we advertising these products to young children in their schools? I think it’s pretty inappropriate. What do you think? Do you think it’s okay or would you be upset about it?

(Note: I’d add more of my thoughts on this subject but I’m running out the door to Jake’s soccer practice.)

1st Day Of School Ideas

Here are some of my favorite ideas for the 1st Day of School:

Cute Smarties gift idea from It Is What It Is


Read a special book like The Kissing Hand


Snack idea from There’s A”1st” For Everthing


Make a cake for the 1st day of school like Mama’s A Mess! does


Take a picture of your child on their first day of school.

They can hold a sign saying their grade.

We like to take a picture by the front door every year


Pack an awesome lunch like this one from This Lunch Rox


Make a list of your child’s favorites of the moment.

If you do this every year you can see how they change over time.


10 Teacher Gifts For The First Day Of School

Here are 10 of my favorite gift ideas for teachers I’ve found online:

1) A loaf of homemade bread w/ a special note

“May this preschool year be like this loaf of bread….

so very delicious you barely notice the crummy parts.”


2) Lotions with labels that say:

“I hope your school year goes smoothly”

{Find the printable labels at Oops, I Craft My Pants}


3) Packs on pencils with a tag that says:

“You are the “write” teacher for me”

{Find the printable tags at Itsy Bitsy Paper}


4) Calculator with a cute note that says:

“According to my calculations this is going to be a great year!”

{Find the printable at eighteen25}


5) Adorable oreo pops in a pencil vase

{Find the tutorial at Amanda’s Parties To Go}


6) Starbucks Via Coffee Packs with notes that say:

“Something to get you back into the grind”

{Find this at Jacolyn Murphy}


7) Container of Andes mints with a note that says:

“You were ‘mint’ to be my teacher”

{Find this and other foodie gifts at Brown Paper Packages}


8) First Day Of School Survival Kit

{Find all the details at Bee In Our Bonnet}


9) Bin full of teacher must-haves

{Details at Corner House Blog}


10) School Supply Cake

{A Pumpkin & A Princess has a fabulous one!}