10 Peach Recipes

Fresh fruit is one of my favorite things about Summer. Sadly, when I go to the grocery store for fruit I don’t find fruit that lasts very long. When I read an email asking me if I wanted to review fresh peaches from The Fruit Company I started thinking of all the delicious desserts I could make and searched Pinterest for ideas.

Here are some delicious peach recipes I found:

Once I received the box of peaches from The Fruit company I opened it and found six HUGE peaches. Each peach was more than double the size of what I find in my local grocery store. I read more about the peaches and learned that each peach is hand-picked from an orchard located in Hood River, Oregon. Each order comes in a pretty watercolor gift box.

 The peaches were really juicy and very sweet. We decided to make the peach crisp linked up above with three of the peaches. I chose it because it was easy, fairly quick to make, and I had all of the ingredients on hand. It was delicious but I definitely would recommend peeling the peaches first.

The Fruit Company will have peaches for sale on their website until the 3rd or 4th week of September so you can enjoy peach recipes for the next month or so. You can find the Oregon peaches here. They make great gifts for family and friends, too!

(Disclosure: As stated above, I received a box of peaches from The Fruit Company. All thoughts are my own.)

9 thoughts on “10 Peach Recipes”

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  2. I love love love peaches. They are one of my favorite fruit. Thanks for sharing the links to recipes using peaches. I would like to try the Peach cupcake recipe. Looks delicious!

  3. I have been overtaken by peaches, I’ve even started peeling them and freezing them to make smoothies. I love the look of that Peach Glazed Pork Roast; maybe I’ll make that

  4. We are thinking about picking some peaches tomorrow when we go apple picking so this post is perfect. Might try the peach butter or peach salsa.

  5. I love peaches. I buy peaches from a local farm which sure beat any you find in a grocery store. The farm also sells a delicious peach butter. I’ll have to try the recipes for Grilled Peach Salsa, Peach Crisp, and Peach Cheesecake in a Jar. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh boy do I love peaches. I hate buying them at the grocery stores because they never seem ripe or flavorful enough but I bought some the other day and they were unbelievably good! I knew they would be good because you could smell the peach before you even cute it.

  7. You’re right! The peaches at stores doesn’t last very long :( and they don’t taste as good. I grew up with a peach tree in my yard and crave them year-round. Thank you so much for the extra recipes. I am definitely going to try them out! I love love love my peaches!!


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