4 Back To School Crafts

To get children excited about returning to the land of ABCs and 123s, Country Woman—the #1 Country Lifestyle Magazine for women who live in or long for the country—has rounded up their best DIY, kid-friendly craft ideas for the start of the school year to share with Making Time For Mommy readers. Many of the materials you’ll need are likely already laying around the house and Country Woman provides step-by-step directions for each so you can create these crafts with ease.

Here are some of Country Woman’s homemade back-to-school crafts for making the transition back to the classroom a bit more fun:

Recycled Soda Bottle Apples: This adorable apple craft will have the teacher falling head-over-heels for your little one! Two empty plastic bottles transform into an enchanted apple that can store school supplies, snacks and more. Teachers and children alike will be delighted with the whimsy of this fantastical fruit. For a full list of materials and instructions, please visit here.


Chalkboard Play Mat: Ideal for keeping young ones occupied, this play mat craft idea—made with chalk fabric—rolls up and ties shut for easy transport. Make this fun-on-the-run idea even better by stitching a pocket or two on the back to tuck an eraser and chalk in. Kids will be entertained for hours with the ability to make endless works of art! For more details, please visit here.

Shrink Art Craft Ideas: Turn your children’s drawings into wearable pieces of art! Let the kids go to town on shrinkable plastic, then bake and watch their masterpieces shrink in size. The miniature versions of their works of art can be used for key chains, jewelry, greeting cards and more! A fun project for every age and level of artist. For more details and crafting options, please visit here.

T-Shirt Pillows: Have a bigger kid headed off to college? Give them something to remember you by! Recycle old or outgrown T-shirts from sports teams, fun runs, clubs or music camps, by turning them into throw pillows. Bring a touch of home to dorm room decor! They won’t be embarrassed to display these relics of good times with mom and dad. For a full list of materials and instructions here.

What are your favorite back to school crafts?

(Disclosure: Text and images provided by Country Woman magazine.)

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