Happy Memories Of Highchair Meals

When I was asked to write about feeding my children to promote the Happy Family’s “Stories from the Bright Side” campaign, I immediately thought of all the humorous pictures I had of my children in the highchair. You know the kind…the ones teenagers hide before their new girlfriend/boyfriend comes over and the photo albums are pulled out. It will be tough to limit them all to a post because I have many of them!


The messiest meal I have ever given my children is spaghetti. I think I spent days cleaning off that red sauce from the cream colored high chair tray and, even then, was left with a pinkish tint. I decided alfredo sauce was a great alternative after that!

All children are messy but I think Lucas is one of the messiest I have ever seen. I swear that child can make a mess of a cheerio. While on vacation this weekend we were at a really nice restaurant and Lucas took his french fries and was rubbing them between his hands until they crumbled into a pile on his plate. He’d then proceed to eat them by shoving them into his mouth. While not proper eating for a fancy restaurant, I was just happy he was sitting quietly. One of my favorite food related memories of Lucas is his first birthday cake. He really loved that because he had a whole little cake to himself and he happily squeezed it between his little fingers!

Happy Family partnered with 7 mommy and daddy bloggers to bring their “Funny Feeding” Stories from the Bright Side to life for other moms and dads to enjoy. These videos shine a humorous light on food and feeding challenges that parents have through sharing funny stories told by top bloggers that are then acted out by improv troupe the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. They are pretty funny to watch and remind me that many parents have gone through similar experiences that I have.

Have a funny feeding story of your own? You can submit your own Stories from the Bright Side on Happy Family’s Facebook page, by sharing your own video, written story and image around food and kids. All submissions will be judged by a panel from Happy Family for a chance to win $20,000 towards college.

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I’d love to hear about your favorite food-related memories from when your children were little if you would like to share in the comments below.

(Disclosure: This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Happy Family blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.)


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