CallSnap: Respond To Calls With Photos {Giveaway}

Have you ever had a call come in when you were somewhere you couldn’t talk? It happens to me all the time! Usually it’s my mom and I hate hitting “ignore” but sometimes I just can’t pick up the call. People know when you ignore their call too which makes it worse. If you find yourself in the same situation as me you need to get CallSnap.

CallSnap is a free patent-pending downloadable app that provides call recipients the chance to prove that “a picture’s worth a thousand words” by responding instantly to an incoming call with a photo.The Android app is available to download for free in the Google Play store.

By showing people what they’re doing, CallSnap provides mobile call recipients a fun, new, and innovative way to communicate by sharing an instant photo with a friend. Here’s how it works:

  • In response to an incoming call, the recipient is provided an option to slide an icon to CallSnap.
  • CallSnap declines the incoming call and the call recipient is given the opportunity to take a picture which is sent to the caller with one of multiple sayings overlaid as a frame such as, “I’m busy, here’s what I’m doing.”
  • When the recipient uses CallSnap, the caller instantly receives a text message announcing ‘Busy right now…CallSnap photo on the way!’ Importantly, the caller immediately learns that the recipient has seen their call but can’t talk at the moment.
  • Shortly after placing the call, the caller receives the photo visually explaining why the call recipient can’t answer.


CallSnap is going to give one Making Time For Mommy reader a $25 Google Play gift card and CallSnap t-shirt


{Do any or all of the following, leave a separate comment for each you do}

1) Tell me who’s calls you ignore the most or when you would use this app the most

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Giveaway ends August 26, 2013 at 11:59pm Central time. Must be 21 or over and a US resident to enter.

(Disclosure: This is not a compensated post.)


  1. When I am driving.

  2. Fan on twitter @benz1171

  3. I would use it most on family night! No bothering the family game night!!! ;)

  4. I follow you on twitter @mommymindedblog

  5. I follow them on twitter @mommymindedblog

  6. I ignore all numbers I do not know…if they want me they better leave a message

  7. follow you on twitter

  8. an unknown numbers

  9. Dawn Monroe says

    I ignore all bill collectors and my cousin who talks forever.

  10. Austin Baroudi says

    I ignore my brother’s calls the most. He’s always seems to call when he’s drunk or when he wants me to be his fact checker.

  11. Austin Baroudi says
  12. Austin Baroudi says

    Following CallSnap on Twitter @Austieb7

  13. Austin Baroudi says

    Following you on Twitter @Austieb7

  14. Austin Baroudi says

    Liked CallSnap on Facebook as Austin Baroudi.

  15. I ignore the library calling to tell me a book arrived.


  16. I follow you on Twitter @buttonlove


  17. I follow CallSnap on Twitter @buttonlove


  18. I would use this app the most when we’re watching TV or a movie.

  19. Following @aliciamarie112 on Twitter.

  20. Following @CallSnap on Twitter.

  21. I Like CallSnap on Facebook.

  22. I don’t like telemarketers the most.

  23. I would ignore my mom calling.

  24. Follow you on Twitter

  25. Following callsnap on twitter: @sweeps1701

  26. Following you on twitter: @sweeps1701

  27. Liked on facebook: Ann queue

  28. I’d use it while driving.

  29. I ignore most calls so I would use this a lot.

  30. I liked them on facebook- Crystal Rose

  31. rene chartier says

    I follow you on Facebook

  32. rene chartier says

    I follow Call Snap on Face Book

  33. rene chartier says

    I follow you on twitter

  34. rene chartier says

    I follow call Snap on Twitter

  35. rene chartier says

    I shared this on Facebook

  36. rene chartier says

    I would use this for work. It would be great to have.

  37. I ignore those numbers I don’t know the most. [email protected]

  38. i ignore some people and this would be great to have


  1. CallSnap: Respond To Calls With Photos {Giveaway}…

    Have you ever had a call come in when you were somewhere you couldn’t talk? It happens to me all…