Fuel Rewards Network {Pre-Loaded Gas Card Giveaway- 4 Winners}

Everyone knows that saving money is tough. Excentus, creator of the Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) program, wants to help make it easier. The Fuel Rewards Network™ program is a free loyalty program that helps you save money on fuel. You’ll earn Fuel Rewards® savings for doing things you already do every day, and you can redeem your rewards at the pump to watch your price drop.

It’s a simple three-step process: Join, Spend, Save.

Join: Excentus’ Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) program – a loyalty program that allows Members to earn rewards through their purchases, then use those rewards on Shell gas.

Spend: FRN Members  can earn rewards for immediate fuel savings when they make purchases with participating restaurants, online merchants, and grocery stores.

Save: These rewards translate to immediate fuel savings right at the pump as Members see their price per gallon of gas drop instantly before they fuel-up – the average savings for FRN Members is $0.33 per gallon.

You can find out more and get a better idea of how it works on the FRN website. I have to confess that I was really confused about this program at first but the website explains it really well. You can also watch the YouTube video to learn more about it:


4 Winners! Each will win a pre-loaded card that has a savings of $1.50 per gallon up to 20 gallons


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Giveaway ends March 6, 2013 at 11:59pm Central time. Must be a US resident, ages 18+ to enter.

(Disclosure: I received a FRN pre-loaded card like the winners will receive.)

161 thoughts on “Fuel Rewards Network {Pre-Loaded Gas Card Giveaway- 4 Winners}”

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  2. I once paid $71 for a 19 gallon tank of gas for my minivan :( at $3.73 a gallon. Gas prices have gone even higher, but I used my Giant Gas points when it got that high!

  3. 2) Leave a comment telling me the most you have ever paid for gas

    How much is ir now..this is the most!

  4. I paid $4.05 for a gallon of gas back in 2008, and look’s like were heading that way again for whatever reason they pull from their butts this time!!!

  5. The price of gas has gone up over four bucks a gallon a few times in the last few years in my area. ARGH!!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  6. The most I have ever paid for gas was years ago and I paid 65$ to fill up my little 11 gallon tank on my Saturn Ion.

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