AutisMate: iPad App For Children With Autism {$149.99 Value Giveaway}

AutisMate, a new iPad app from SpecialNeedsWare for those with autism, stands among the most respected and innovative options to help children develop communication and behavioral skills despite the challenges of autism. Individuals are given a comprehensive set of tools to navigate life with ease, providing for the lifelong learning, development and changing experiences of those across the spectrum.

While most autism apps on the market focus singularly on promoting one expressive form of communication, AutisMate recognizes the unique nature of every case of autism and works to first build comprehension on a personalized level to unlock a more varied set of expressions and needs. It allows children with autism along with their caretakers and teachers to easily import personal images, video, audio and other information into a visual scene-based platform.

To save time and effort, users also have the option of uploading videos, stories, and schedules geared specifically for autism from a vast content library. A GPS feature allows scenes to change according to the user’s location, making the software even more intuitive and applicable in real-time. This platform grows with the user and caters to his or her unique needs.

The research-supported app has already helped hundreds of users to fully express themselves and improve connections with their families. Many users have expressed their support for AutisMate and shared stories of success and progress. One testimonial that SpecialNeedsWare has received is from a mother of a 7-year-old boy with autism: “I recently used [Autismate to help my son] understand what would be happening at a hospital visit to have tubes put in his ears (a procedure he had done before and had gotten very upset). This last visit he was calmer and cooperated really well! Thank you so much for providing a tool that gives me a way to help my sweet, loving son find understanding by allowing him to ‘think in pictures’.”

You can learn more about AutisMate at To purchase the app on iTunes, click here. Please follow AutisMate on Facebook and Twitter.


One reader will win a download code for this app (a $149.99 value)


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Giveaway ends March 3, 2013 at 11:59pm Central time. Must be 18 or older to enter. Note: This giveaway is for the app only and does not include the iPad.

(Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post and do not have an iPad so I have not used the app. I am posting in hopes that it will help one of my readers. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook in any way.)



87 thoughts on “AutisMate: iPad App For Children With Autism {$149.99 Value Giveaway}”

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  2. Very intrigued with this new app. My son was recently diagnosed with autism and I have been looking for items to use and help him while embracing his love for technology. It looks like it could help with presetting and reducing social anxiety in certain situations.

  3. My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 with Autism. He is non verbal. We recently introduced an iPad hoping that it would help him learn how to communicate. There are some things he has learned to do but nothing like what he can learn if he has this app. AutisMate has features that I am very excited about introducing to my son. I can see how beneficial this app would be for us and our son.

  4. Liked AutisMate on Facebook, liked Making Time For Mommy on Facebook, Reposted giveaway on Facebook, Following Making Time For Mommy and AutisMate on Twitter @kkjoshjake, Shared with parent of autistic child, commented on another post.

  5. 3) Share this giveaway directly with another parent of a child who has Autism
    – Shared it with a few of my friends who have kids on the spectrum

  6. The reason why I need this app is because I am a public school special education teacher who works in an autism population grades k-5. This app will help me tremendously formy students.

  7. 1) Tell me why you need this app
    – I want to donate this to my son’s Autism school to use in a fundraiser. The school has been the best thing that has ever happened to my son and I want to give back to them in any way I can.

  8. What a wonderful gift to whoever receives this app.
    We are the grandparents of an autistic 9 yr. old boy who currently lives with us. His therapist has tried all the communication apps out there for him to use and he is just not interested. She thinks they are not interactive enough. This app was recommended and it may be just the answer with the hot spots on the screens. He recently received an i pad as a gift, from a charity, and being on a fixed income we have had difficulty being able to pay for the necessary apps to adequately use it as a tool to help with his communication. Your consideration is appreciated.

  9. My 3 yr old has Expressive Speech Disorder as well as Sensory Processing Disorder. Being able to break through and communicate with her is essential… and she loves technology! So this would be perfect. Thank you.

  10. I would love to have this app for my daughter who has autism and for early intervention patients. My daughter is echolalic so I love the sentence builder to help her form complete sentences. I love how this app also incorporates many different things such as video modeling and visual schedules which are so helpful for children with autism!

  11. I think this app would be very helpful for my son. He is 5yrs old &has autism. It would definetly help him find his voice (much needed) :) thank you for all that you guys do for our children!

  12. Hi, my name is Braedon Mayes I will be 6 years old in April if this year 2013. My mom has tried and continues to try her best to provide me with the necessities & different opportunities in hope that one day she will hear my voice and the 3 words she longs to hear which are “I Love You”. Winning this app may allow me to bless my mom. She raises me as a single mom and just completed her Bachelor Degree online while working and taking care of me. Please allow me to bless my mom like she blessed me by providing me this app so that my mom can hear those 3 words she longs to hear. Thank you!

  13. I would use this app with my son who has autism, I been looking for apps to help my son. Thank you for the chance to win.

  14. I need this app because my daughter is Autistic and has many behaviors that I would like to see improved. Plus, she LOVES the iPad

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  15. I would love to win this for my step-sister, her son is autistic and recently they changed insurance and now his speech therapy is not covered. He loves playing on her iPad, so an app just for him would be amazing!

  16. I would love to win this for my daughter. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s and while she has been making progress, that progress has now stopped, and she is regressing. She is in desperate need of the schedules and social stories this would provide.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. I need this app for my grandson’s ipad (just got the ipad last week) he is 7, autism. I also got 2 other ipads for his sisters, one is 5 (apraxia) going on 6yrs old, and the other one is 4 going on 5 (cerebal palsy). I have to purchase apps for all 3….(ipads first…now trying to save up for the apps, This would really help him.) Please I love your website! I have done all of the above to enter.

  18. I would love to give this app to my brother and sis in law our nephew hs been diagnosed and I know this would help him out.

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