Indoor Snowy Fun {Wordless Wednesday}

No snow here in Chicago and I don’t have any recent pictures that don’t have at least one child moving so I decided to share this picture from 2010 of Jacob playing in the snow indoors. This is such a fun way to play with snow on super cold days. I put it in a sink but you can use a large Rubbermaid container or put it in a clean bathtub.

To make indoor snow play even more fun you can hide things in the snow for your child to find or color the snow with colored cold water in a spray bottle.

Have fun! :)

5 thoughts on “Indoor Snowy Fun {Wordless Wednesday}”

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  2. First and foremost let me complement your kid Alicia. He is such a handsome boy and appears to be extremely playful and fun loving also. You did really well by recreating ‘snowy’ atmosphere inside your house. This is a great way to constructively engage your kids when it is cold outside and you do not want your kid to venture out and catch cold or some other deadlier ailment.

    I have seen kids just love playing with the snow, throwing it at each other and creating beautiful shapes from it. You have done well by creating treasure hunt sort of game and adding colors to the snow.
    There are lot more possibilities, if we become more creative.

    Children can create different shapes like balls, snowman or any other shape which they fancy. They can even create their small mountains or recreate miniature versions of the tall peaks of Himalayan or Andes ranges.


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