Cluck ‘N’ Chuck Children’s Game Review

Whenever we get the boys together with their two cousins it’s pure chaos. Good chaos but chaos nonetheless. I’ve found that having an activity for them to do gets them to sit still for a bit {instead of making sandwiches of each other which you may remember from my Thanksgiving post…}

This year I came armed to the party with a brand new game I had received called Cluck ‘N’ Chuck. Here’s a little about the game:

Cluck ‘N’ Chuck is a game that’s bursting with fun – and chickens! This game for two to four players will leave kids in hysterics as they try to contain runaway chickens. Roll the die to see which chickens you can chuck into the coop. But move quickly before the coop jumps up and they all fly out! It’s a race to see who can round up their chickens first in this rowdy cluck-cluck game! For ages 4 and up.

My nephew playing the game.

When it was time to play the game the kids all sat down in front of me and patiently waited for me to get all of the pieces out. I liked that there wasn’t much to do to get the game set up which was nice. To start the children all counted out chickens and lined them up in front of themselves. I pushed the coop down and they then took turns rolling the dice and putting the correct color chicken on top of the coop. During this game they practiced their colors and turn taking. Once the internal timer on the coop was up, the coop popped up and sent the chickens flying. It was so funny to see the children’s faces the first time it popped up and I loved listening to them giggle each time it happened.

This game retails for $16.99 and if you have preschoolers I think they will love this game.

{Disclosure: I was sent a review copy of this game but all thoughts are my own.}

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