The Perfect Baby Shower Gift {Tower Of Time Review}

Child to Cherish features a broad selection of quality gift and keepsake items ideal for gift giving and receiving for any and every special occasion year round. Each item is set to to capture precious moments of a child’s life, and make lasting memories. Child to Cherish’s wide selection of baby gifts and keepsakes makes every baby shower, christening , baptism, birthday, or any occasion for that matter, all the more special.

I ordered the Handprints Tower Of Time from There were three color choices, blue, pink, and multi. I chose the blue one because I have boys. It cost $24.69 which was a couple dollars less than the pink tower and the multi-colored tower. It took a little longer to receive it than things normally have when I have ordered online but I liked that the shipping was free since I added something else to my order so my cart’s total was over $25.

When I received the Tower Of Time the 5 tins were stacked on top of each other smallest to largest and wrapped in plastic. I opened it up and realized that the tins were not just stacked on top of each other but had rims on the top that would hold the tins in place. Each tin had a cute design and on the lid said “My hand when I was…1”, 2, 3 and so on up to 5.

I wish I had received this as a gift when my boys were younger. How fun would it be to have their handprints from birth through age five? So, since my children are 3 and 4 I had to figure out what I was going to do with them. I considered only using them for my youngest so he could get 3 years worth of use out of the product and I’d have his preschool year handprints. In the end though, I decided to make this a keepsake for back to school and had Lucas put his hand in the 3 year old tin and Jacob in the 4 year old one.

Each tin has a bagful of powder in it and an instruction sheet. The directions were pretty easy. All I had to do is measure out a certain amount of water, put it in a bowl {or cup} slowly while I mixed it, and then pour it into a tin. The directions said the plaster would be a toothpaste like consistency but for the first batch it seemed to be too runny. I figured, since I had used the right amount of water, that it was okay.

I wasn’t sure how my little wiggly 3 year old would do. I showed him a few times what I wanted him to do with his hand- open fingers, put your hand in carefully, pull it directly up. I took his hand and guided it into the tin full of plaster and he did what I thought he would do and moved his fingers around a bit. I think he thought it was fingerpaint! We tried about 10 times and, though I finally got him to put his hand in without moving it too much, it didn’t turn out anything like I’d imagined it would. As soon as he moved his hand the stuff in the tin would slowly creep into his handprint.

Next up was Jacob, Mister “I do it myself”. He did really good putting his hand in and pulling it right out. He got his handprint on the first try. The plaster seemed thicker when I was mixing it so it didn’t surprise me when Jacob’s handprint turned out really well.

You can see the difference between the two. Luke’s is on the left and you can barely see the handprint compared to Jake’s on the right.

Overall, I really liked this product. I think it would make a great gift for a new mom. I had a little trouble with the plaster but I think that could be fixed by starting off with less water. It’s easier to add water than to remove it.

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  1. I love this! We were given something similar when my daughter was one, but it was only one tin for a handprint. My husband and I had been thinking that it would be fun to see our daughters handprint grow each year, but I hadn’t seen larger tins.

  2. This is a great item to have! I just got done with going to a baby shower for my sister,and this would have been a great item to give her! I think that I will get it for her anyway!

  3. This is a great idea for a baby shower gift.. I’ve been thinking of doing a baby’s first year time capsule idea for my sister and this would be cool to include! Thanks :)


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