How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular {My Thoughts}

We went to the How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular on Friday night and really enjoyed it. {See my first post for details on the show and a great discount code!} The visual effects of the show were amazing and much larger than I thought they would be. I was expecting just a simple stage show but instead was pleasantly surprised that they used every area of the arena that they could possibly use. I loved that the images moved so for part of the show I felt like I was really in the show with the characters. The whole experience is just something I can’t even describe in words so I took a short video of the show¬† so that you could see how much of a production it really is. What you see lit up in the video is the back screen and that’s pretty much all you can see in the video other than a little movement on the stage.

If the show will be near you {check here} I would recommend that you go see it with your families. Jacob is 4 and he enjoyed it and I think it’s something adults would enjoy too so I’d suggest it for preschool age on up. Try to get seats as close as possible, too. I also liked that the parking was free. I am not sure if it’s free at every show but the arena we went to normally has paid parking so I thought it was a nice perk.

(Disclosure: I received tickets to the show in return for sharing about the show and my opinion of it.)

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