StyleUnited Review

Do you love reading beauty and fashion articles? Finding out about the latest styles and the newest makeup products? I do. Many of the tips and trends I find on them don’t work for me though. The clothing style isn’t right for my body type, the lotions recommended don’t work with my combination oily/dry skin, and the makeup doesn’t work with my complexion.

With StyleUnited I can get product recommendations personalized for me and also customized fashion and beauty tips. I explored the site a little and took a few quizzes. The first quiz I took asked me six questions about my skin and after answering the questions I got a list of products that would be good for my skin type at my age. Next, I took a fashion quiz to find which silhouettes would flatter my shape the best. I really liked that part of the quiz asked for height, dress size, shoe size, and bust size so it was more than just asking what “shape” I was. I also got to look at fabric patterns, styles, and other fashion related items and had a chance to choose my favorite so that the program knew what kind of syles I liked. It also asked about my thoughts on price when it came to fashion so I am sure not to get items suggested with really high price points if I say that I like to find great fashions at great deals.

Other than having everything customized for me I really liked that I could ask my friends opinions on things and could share my favorite products and tips with my friends or on social media. Another great feature is that the site offers one on one beauty consultations via webcam. If you have a style or beauty question you can just ask one of the experts from StyleUnited. It’s like having your best gal pal in your computer!!

I think StyleUnited is a fabulous website for both style mavens and newbies alike. Nowhere else can you find personalized suggestions on any fashion or beauty subject you can think of. If you join make sure to also enter the “New View, New You” giveaway and enter to win one of two $500 gift cards to go on a shopping spree at Macy’s or Nordstrom.

(Disclosure: I am being compensated with beauty products in exchange for checking out the site and giving my honest opinion of it. All thoughts are my own.)

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