Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas {Courtesy of}

Still looking for the perfect gift for mom? I know some of you will be frantically shopping tomorrow to find the right gift so that’s why I am really excited to share these gift ideas {that you can purchase some of online tonight}.

All moms deserve a meal out of the house for Mother’s Day, that’s why gift cards make such great gifts. But rather than arming her with simply a gift card and an “I love you” mom, why not do it in style? The Dish team put their imaginations to the test and came up a few fun and affordable ways to surprise mom with a Gift Card.

Gardening Supplies

Flower pot – $5

Gardening gloves – $6

Chalkboard sign – $1

Hose sprayer – $7

Seeds – $1

$50 Gift Card – $20

Mom’s Favorite Dessert

Strawberry cake from the local grocery store – $7

$50 Gift Card – $20

Colorful Flower Bundle

Bouquet of Spring Flowers – $15

Vase – $6 (or reuse a vase you have at home)

$100 Gift Card – $40

Keep in mind, gift cards are available in denominations of $25, $50 and $100, starting at just $10, so you can replace any of the ones shown above with the gift card that matches your budget. If you are shopping for mom last-minute, be sure to use’s e-Gift Card service in denominations of denominations of $25 for $10, $50 for $20, $75 for $30, $100 for $40 and even $250 for $100 and $500 for $200.

(Disclosure: I occasionally receive compensation in the form of gift cards and products for posts. However, the opinions I share are solely my own.)

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