For Mother’s Day I Am Giving Myself… A Break

I’m taking a mini-blogging vacation! {well, kinda….}

I will still be online working and writing a large portion of time for the rest of this week but I will not be publishing many new posts during this time. I will also be offline, watching my little brother graduate from college, walking for Autism Speaks, spending time in the sun with my kids, and celebrating Mother’s Day. I will post a little since I’ve already committed to some group giveaways and I have a few posts to write but for the most part posting will be sparse.

Starting this week, my goal will be to take one day COMPLETELY offline each week. This was my goal for the new year but with this blog, my business, and my part-time job demanding so much of me, that hasn’t happened in the past four months. I just can’t continue working seven days a week. My first real day off will be on Mother’s Day.

If you are a blogger or do any job in addition to parenting, do you take at least one day completely off a week for yourself and your family?

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