Wuggle Pets Review

For weeks Jacob would see the Wuggle Pets commercial on television and tell me he wanted one, so when I had the chance to review Wuggle Pets I knew he’d be excited. He wanted to get to work as soon as the box came but I made him wait until Daddy came home so they could make it together.

The first step was to put the fluff and the star confetti (or “sprinkles” as Jacob calls them) into the machine and put the red lid on top.

Next came the filling of the Wuggle Pet. This was a two person job. One person (Daddy) had to hold the Wuggle Pet on the fluff filler and the other (Jacob) had to crank the handle to push the fluff into the back of the Wuggle Pet. The machine worked well but once or twice we had to take the Wuggle Pet and push the fluff in with our fingers before putting it back on the machine and continuing to turn the crank.

After a few minutes we had filled the Wuggle Pet with all the fluff and we were able to zip up the back and break off the zipper so it couldn’t be opened by little hands. (This is a great feature because the boys love to unzip our couch cushions and take out the fluff in there so I can only imagine they’d try to do that with these if they could.)

Each box comes with two Wuggle Pets so we were able to make one for each of the kids. Luke, my two year old, had no interest in helping make his but Jake, my three year old, was more than happy to make another one. The Wuggle Pets come with clips so they can be clipped onto backpacks. The boys prefer to just play with them as opposed to clip them on to anything though.

Wuggle Pets can be bought through TV infomercials and also through their website. When I went to their website today I noticed that the price went down to $14.99 instead of $19.99 so you can save $5 buying them through the site!

(Disclosure: I received a Wuggle Pets kit to review but all thoughts are my own.)

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