Special Cookies {Autism Awareness Month}

When I discovered these cookies on Pinterest I just had to share them. I clicked on about 15 different images taking me to spam websites but I kept searching and finally found where this picture originated from. These cookies are from the blog, The Sweet Adventures Of Sugarbelle. The cute labels can be found over at the blog, Thirty Handmade Days. What wonderfully creative women!

I am definitely ordering a puzzle piece shaped cookie cutter for next year so that I can recreate these. Anyone know of any stores that sell this cookie cutter shape?

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  1. you can make your own cookie cutters with some needle nose pliers and some copper or aluminum sheeting, and 2 part epoxy to join the ends….

  2. I got a puzzle piece cookie cutter off of the Autism Speaks website – at the top click “shop”
    It even comes with a recipe for Gluten Free Sugar Cookies


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