Kid Basix Safe Sporter Water Bottle Review

Jacob and Lucas carry their sippy cups with them everywhere so I was happy to receive a 16 ounce Kid Basix Safe Sporter water bottle for Jacob to try out. It is made of stainless steel so it’s reusable. This is great for both the environment and my wallet.

This water bottle has a lot of other great features. With warm weather here it’s important to me that I give the children their juice and milk in insulated cups and I found the Safe Sporter to keep the liquids cold for longer periods of time than the insulated cups we normally use. The stainless steel gets really cold (a little too cold sometimes in my opinion) so it also features a sleeve around the bottle to keep little hands from getting too cold when they are holding it. Jacob can easily life the spout up with his fingers which is nice since sometimes they are too hard to open and then he uses his teeth to try to pull it open. I loved that it had a cover over the spout so that the spout stays clean. This is great since the boys don’t always keep their cups and water bottles on the table and they often end up on the ground (especially when they are playing outside). The water bottle itself is easy to clean since the mouth of it is wide and it doesn’t have any little parts that need to be cleaned which is an added bonus. It also fits in cup holders so it’s great for the car and for strollers.

Jacob riding in the car with his Safe Sporter water bottle

Find out more about Kid Basix and the products they offer here.

(Disclosure: We received a Safe Sporter water bottle to review but all thoughts are my own.)

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