Fun & Easy Rainbow Activity

Daddy is not a fan of crafts but enjoyed this one!

I wanted to do a quick St. Patrick’s Day themed craft with the boys so I thought of making fruit loop rainbows with them. Having seen these all over the web I knew that there were probably printables online that we could use. I came across a great one over at Making Learning Fun that had pre-printed circles for the fruit loops. This was great because it worked on one to one correspondence which is a skill both boys are still learning. They both didn’t want to make a correctly colored rainbow so I let them do it any way they wanted.

Also, just a note: Make sure your box of cereal is all “O”s. The box we got had “8” shaped red cereal instead of the typical circle shape.

Here’s how they turned out:

Here's my 2 year old's rainbow. He got a little carried away with the fruit loops. lol


Here's my 3 year old's rainbow. Though he enjoyed the activity, he has a short attention span and didn't want to finish it.

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  1. Thank you for posting your kids ages’s. I have a two year old with a very short attention span. So in looking at this i’m thinking,”can she do this?” I like that the circles are already there. I think my daughter might be auticstic. A friend of mine who has children with that learning disability say she has all the signs. Even before she said anything I felt like something wasn’t right. She my third child that I had at fourty. Enough with my lifestory. Thank you..


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